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StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle - Integration bundle for DoctrineExtensions by l3pp4rd in Symfony

  •    PHP

This bundle provides integration for DoctrineExtensions in your Symfony2 Project. The master branch of the bundle is in sync with Symfony master branch which contains a BC break. If you are using a 2.0.x version of Symfony, you need to use the 1.0.x branch of the bundle.

DoctrineExtensions - Doctrine2 behavioral extensions, Translatable, Sluggable, Tree-NestedSet, Timestampable, Loggable, Sortable

  •    PHP

This package contains extensions for Doctrine ORM and MongoDB ODM that offer new functionality or tools to use Doctrine more efficiently. These behaviors can be easily attached to the event system of Doctrine and handle the records being flushed in a behavioral way. All extensions support YAML, Annotation and XML mapping. Additional mapping drivers can be easily implemented using Mapping extension to handle the additional metadata mapping.

EntityAuditBundle - Doctrine2 Extension to Audit Entities through versioning tables.

  •    PHP

This extension for Doctrine 2 is inspired by Hibernate Envers and allows full versioning of entities and their associations. The global revision table contains an id, timestamp, username and change comment field.

orm - A drop-in Doctrine ORM 2 implementation for Laravel 5+ and Lumen

  •    PHP

Read the full documentation. Because of the auto package discovery feature Laravel 5.5 has, the ServiceProvider and Facades are automatically registered.

W3CLifecycleEventsBundle - A Symfony 3 bundle to dispatch usable entity lifecycle events (create, update, delete)

  •    PHP

This bundle aims at circumventing these issues by providing means to fire entity creation, deletion and update events after a successful flush or whenever needed. It also provides a set of annotation to configure what events should be sent and when.

graphql-doctrine - Automatic GraphQL types from Doctrine entities

  •    PHP

A library to declare GraphQL types from Doctrine entities, PHP 7.1 type hinting, and annotations, and to be used with webonyx/graphql-php. It reads most information from type hints, complete some things from existing Doctrine annotations and allow further customizations with specialized annotations. It will then create ObjectType and InputObjectType instances with fields for all getter and setter respectively found on Doctrine entities.

doctrine-inheritance-example - A simple Symfony Flex app example of using Doctrine ORM with inheritance of Entity classes

  •    PHP

This is an example of using Doctrine ORM entity inheritance with the Symfony Flex framework. It is mostly a reminder to myself, but others may find it useful as a reference. This package contains six Doctrine ORM entity classes in src/Entity that are configured via annotations. The included entities use inheritance with two methods (SINGLE_TABLE and JOINED).

project-manager - Project Management for freelancers

  •    PHP

An open source Project Management System. I use this application to keep my freelance projects information up-to-date. Clone the github repository or Download ZIP and UnZip it in your web server document root (usually /var/www/html on Linux).

doctrine-orm-test-infrastructure - Provides utils to create a test infrastructure for Doctrine 2 entities

  •    PHP

We use it to test Doctrine repositories and entities in Symfony applications. It's a lightweight alternative to the heavyweight functional tests suggested in the Symfony documentation (we don't suggest you should skip those - we just want to open another path). In non-application bundles, where functional tests are not possible, it is our only way to test repositories and entities.

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