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docopt.php - Command line argument parser

  •    PHP

This is a straight PHP transliteration of Vladimir Keleshev's brilliant docopt Python library. There are a few artefacts in the code as a result that may seem inefficient and non-idiomatic to PHP, this has been done to make integrating changes more efficient.As a result, unless a bug is present only in the PHP version, pull requests are unlikely to be accepted unless they are themselves direct transliterations of bugfixes in the Python version.

docopt.nim - Command line arguments parser that will make you smile (port of docopt to Nim)

  •    Nim

This is a port of docopt to Nim. Visit docopt.org for more information.The option parser is generated based on the docstring above that is passed to docopt function. docopt parses the usage pattern ("Usage: ...") and option descriptions (lines starting with dash "-") and ensures that the program invocation matches the usage pattern; it parses options, arguments and commands based on that. The basic idea is that a good help message has all necessary information in it to make a parser.


  •    Swift

docopt.swift is released under the MIT License.

static - Download, preview, and deploy dynamic websites to GitHub pages.

  •    Ruby

Static website generator to push dynamic website to GitHub pages for static hosting. Generate Static Pages from existing static/dynamic website. Preview. Deploy to GitHub Pages.

django-docopt-command - Django-docopt-command allows you to write Django manage

  •    Python

Django-docopt-command allows you to write Django manage.py commands using the docopt library. This means that you can define commands using usage strings. Django-docopt-command is tested with Django 1.8-2.0 and Python 2.7, 3.4-3.6 and is hosted on github.

CDT-plusplus - Causal Dynamical Triangulations in C++ using CGAL

  •    C++

Quantize spacetime on your laptop. For an introduction to Causal Dynamical Triangulations, including the foundations and recent results, please see the wiki.

neodoc - Beautiful, hand-crafted commandline interfaces for node.js

  •    PureScript

This implementation features error reporting, both for users and developers, reading values from environment variables, type coercion and much more. For an (in-)comprehensive comparison to the original, click here. To take neodoc for a ride, click here. A note to potential adopters and contributors: Neodoc is divided into two distinct parts — parsing the specification and parsing the argv, given the specificiation. Theoretically, the origin of the specification does not matter and the argv parser could be used standalone as it offers a more "correct" parse than most cli parsers out there, since it parses the input guided by the specification, rather than parsing the input and then matching it to the specification. See the "Features" section below. If neodoc finds adoption, I would not be surprised to see projects mimicking a yargs-like interface that use the neodoc parser, even though it somewhat defies the original idea of docopt.

envmgr-cli - A cross-platform CLI client for Environment Manager.

  •    Python

See Configuration for further install instructions. All envmgr commands are exposed behind a set of verbs (get a status, schedule some downtime, wait for an ASG, etc). Verbs are always the first value provided to envmgr and there is only ever one verb per command.

cleanup - A simple command line utility that organises files in a directory into subdirectories

  •    Python

A simple command line utility that organises files in a directory into subdirectories based on the files' extensions. When run without any option, it organises the files in the specified directory into subdirectories based on the files' extensions.

shtab - ↔️ Automagic shell tab completion for Python CLI applications

  •    Python

bash users who have never used any kind of tab completion before should also follow the OS-specific instructions below. The only requirement is that external CLI applications provide an importable argparse.ArgumentParser object (or alternatively an importable function which returns a parser object). This may require a trivial code change.

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