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blockbridge-docker-volume - Blockbridge volume plugin for Docker

  •    Ruby

The Blockbridge volume plugin is available as a "Managed Docker Plugin" for Docker 1.13+ and as a "Legacy Plugin" for Docker 1.12 and earlier. Both options run as a container. The Managed plugin is preferred, as installation and lifecycle management of the plugin is taken care of by Docker natively. The Blockbridge Managed Volume Plugin is available both on the Docker Hub and the Docker Store as a Docker Certified Plugin.Why use a Blockbridge storage backend? Blockbridge enables tenant isolation, automated provisioning, encryption, secure deletion, snapshots and QoS for any storage backend: on local storage or with any storage vendor over any protocol.

netappdvp - A Docker volume plugin for NetApp storage


The NetApp Docker Volume Plugin has merged with Trident and all future development will happen there.

horcrux - On Demand, Version controlled access to Data for your Docker containers

  •    Go

Docker containers offer developers with the agility and flexibility of replicating the production/test setup in their development environment. So now, developers can develop features, unit test, fix issues in their local setup before pushing it to the test/production environment. Since containers are state-less, it can be moved anywhere easily, say within datacenter or into clouds etc. But in most cases, containers has to access/modify data that traditionally lives in a centralized storage. For example, one of the popular container stack LEMP, needs to access MySQL database. In order to access these data, Docker developed the concept of volume plugins, which can be associated with a container when it is created. Now the container can move to a different location as long as the volume plugin works there as well. This solves the problem in production/test cases, but if developers have to access the centralized data, that again restricts their flexibily. At the same time, with ever increasing size of data, it is not possible to give each developer a separate copy of the data (say database). That would be prohibitively expensive. To solve this, we give you "Horcrux"...

px-dev - PX-Developer is scale-out storage for containers


PX-Developer (PX-Dev) is scale-out storage and data services for containers. PX-Dev itself is deployed as a container with your application stack. By running PX-Dev with your application stack, you get container-granular controls for storage persistence, capacity management, performance, and availability in a scaleout environment. Deploying the PX-Developer container on a server with Docker Engine turns that server into a scale-out storage node. Storage runs converged with compute and gives bare-metal drive performance. PX-Dev can be used alongside Kubernetes, DC/OS and Docker to provide persistent storage for containerized applications.

docker-volume-linode - Docker Volume driver for Linode Block Storage

  •    Go

This volume plugin adds the ability to manage Linode Block Storage as Docker Volumes. Good use cases for volumes include off-node storage to avoid size constraints or moving a container and the related volume between nodes in a Swarm. The plugin can also be configured (or reconfigured) in multiple steps.

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