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docker-mon - Console-based Docker monitoring

  •    Javascript

Console Docker monitoring based on blessed-contrib.


  •    Shell

There are differences between nsenter and docker exec; namely, nsenter doesn't enter the cgroups, and therefore evades resource limitations. The potential benefit of this would be debugging and external audit, but for remote access, docker exec is the current recommended approach.This is a small Docker recipe to build nsenter easily and install it in your system.

nginx-proxy - Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen

  •    Python

nginx-proxy sets up a container running nginx and docker-gen. docker-gen generates reverse proxy configs for nginx and reloads nginx when containers are started and stopped.See Automated Nginx Reverse Proxy for Docker for why you might want to use this.

awesome-docker - :whale: A curated list of Docker resources and projects

  •    Javascript

A curated list of Docker resources and projects Inspired by @sindresorhus' awesome and improved by these amazing contributors. The creators and maintainers of this list do not receive any form of payment to accept a change made by any contributor. This page is not an official Docker product in any way. It is a list of links to projects and is maintained by volunteers. Everybody is welcome to contribute. The goal of this repo is to index open-source projects, not to advertise for profit.

wharfee - A CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting for Docker commands.

  •    Python

A shell for Docker that can do autocompletion and syntax highlighting.Docker commands have tons of options. They are hard to remember.

sen - Terminal User Interface for docker engine

  •    Python

You can see the features yourself.This repository has set up automated builds on docker hub. In case you run into some issue, try pulling latest version first before opening an issue.

Dry - A Docker container manager for the terminal

  •    Go

Dry is a terminal application to manage Docker. It shows information about Containers, Images and Networks, and, if running a Docker Swarm, it also shows all kinds of information about the state of the Swarm cluster. It can connect to both local or remote Docker daemons. Besides showing information, it can be used to manage Docker. Most of the commands that the official Docker CLI has, are available in dry with the same behaviour.

docker-monitoring - Docker-Monitoring based on Cadvisor, InfluxDB, and Grafana


Please take a look a the Docker-Monitoring-xx.json file to view the Grafana Dashboard's json file and check out the queries folders for screenshots of the queries in each graph.Also added the docker-compose.yml file to easily stand up the entire Monitoring Stack.

ctop - A command line / text based Linux Containers monitoring tool that works just like you expect.

  •    Python

A command line / text based Linux Containers monitoring tool that works just like you expect.ctop will help you see what's going on at the container level. Basically, containers are a logical group of processes isolated using kernel's cgroups and namespaces. Recently, they have been made popular by Docker and they are also heavily used under the hood by systemd and a load of container tools like lxc, rocket, lmctfy and many others.

reg - Docker registry v2 command line client.

  •    Go

Docker registry v2 command line client.reg will automatically try to parse your docker config credentials, but if not present, you can pass through flags directly.

docker-ls - Tools for browsing and manipulating docker registries.

  •    Go

Docker-ls is a set of CLI tools for browsing and manipulating docker registries. In particular, docker-ls can handle authentication and display the sha256 content digests associated with tags.Only V2 registries are supported. Both HTTP basic auth and docker style token authentication are supported for authentication.

docker.el - Manage docker from Emacs.

  •    Emacs

The recommended way to install docker.el is through MELPA.Otherwise, simply add the files to your load-path and then (require 'docker).

logjam - a log shipping tool

  •    Go

Logjam is a log forwarder designed to listen on a local port, receive log entries over UDP, and forward these messages on to a log collection server (such as logstash).The motivation for logjam was a move to containerising our applications, and a need to get logs from these applications out of the containers. We configure logjam to listen on the docker0 ( interface which is accessible to applications running within docker.

docker-fluentd - Docker container to collect other docker container logs with Fluentd


By default, the container logs are stored in /var/log/docker/yyyyMMdd.log inside this logging container. The data is buffered, so you may also see buffer files like /var/log/docker/20141114.b507c71e6fe540eab.log where "b507c71e6fe540eab" is a hash identifier. You can mount that container volume back to host. Also, by modifying fluent.conf and rebuilding the Docker image, you can stream up your logs to Elasticsearch, Amazon S3, MongoDB, Treasure Data, etc.docker-fluentd uses Fluentd inside to tail log files that are mounted on /var/lib/docker/containers/<CONTAINER_ID>/<CONTAINER_ID>-json.log. It uses the tail input plugin to tail JSON-formatted log files that each Docker container emits.

dockbix-agent-xxl - :whale: Dockerized Zabbix agent with Docker metrics and host metrics support for CoreOS, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Boot2docker, Photon OS, Amazon Linux,


dockbix-agent-xxl-limited is a 2nd generation of successful (500k+ pulls) zabbix-agent-xxl-limited Docker image - it's a standard Zabbix agent with Docker/host/systemd/socket/stress metrics support, which can be used with any Zabbix server. Tested on CoreOS, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Boot2docker, Photon OS.If you like or use this project, please provide feedback to author - Star it ★ or submit feedback form.