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DNS - Swift implementation of DNS Records / RR

  •    Swift

A Swift implementation of DNS Record Types. Used for example in mDNS / NetService. This library was written by Bouke Haarsma.

dns - This is a sample repository for http://dns-api.com/ integration testing.

  •    DIGITAL

This repository is an example used to demonstrate the git-based DNS hosting service, which allows you to maintain your DNS records in a git repository. On the back-end your DNS is handled by Amazon's route53 infrastructure, giving you diverse, replicated, and highly-available DNS hosting.

bypass-firewalls-by-DNS-history - Firewall bypass script based on DNS history records

  •    Shell

This script (ab)uses DNS history records. This script will search for old DNS A records and check if the server replies for that domain. Keep in mind that this script is smashed together. Therefore, it's not the most efficient and beautiful script. But it works. Feel free to improve the script.

digitalocean-dynamic-dns-ip - A simple script to automatically update Digital ocean DNS records with dynamic IP

  •    Go

A simple script in Go language to automatically update Digital ocean DNS records if you have a dynamic IP. Since it can be compiled on any platform, you can use it along with raspberrypi etc. Requires Git and Go for building.

omg-dns - Helper library for parsing valid/invalid/broken/malformed DNS packets

  •    C

This is a helper library intended to be included within other projects repositories as a submodule to help them parse DNS packets. It will parse as much as possible and will indicate where and what failed if any. Here is a short example how to use this library, for a more complete program check hexdns2text/hexdns2text.c.

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