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Ultimate Dotnetnuke Skin Object

  •    Javascript

Ultimate Skin Object is a Dotnetnuke 5.4.2+ extension that will allow you to easily change your skins doc type, remove unneeded css files, inject extra css files, inject extra javascript files & load JQuery in your skin quickly & easily ;)

DNN-JavaScript-Libraries - Common JavaScript libraries packaged as DNN JavaScript Library extensions

  •    Javascript

Version 7.2 of the DNN Platform introduced the JavaScript Library extension type. This allows common JavaScript libraries to exist in a single place within a DNN site, instead of every module, skin, and piece of content that wants to include them using their own. DNN presently comes with libraries for jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Migrate, Knockout, and Knockout Mapping. In addition to these built-in libraries, new libraries can be installed into DNN, and used by various components. DNN allows multiple versions of a JavaScript library to be used, so one module can request a particular version of a script, while another requests another. So long as they aren't on the same page, they will get what they requested; otherwise, DNN will use the higher version.