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Dependencies - A rewrite of the old legacy software "depends

  •    CSharp

NB : due to limitations on /clr compilation, Dependencies needs Visual C++ Redistributable installed to run properly. Dependencies is a rewrite of the legacy software Dependency Walker which was shipped along Windows SDKs, but whose developement stopped around 2006. Dependencies can help Windows developers troubleshooting their dll load dependencies issues.

IL Merger Tool

  •    DotNet

IL Merger Tool is a GUI for the IL Merge. This tool allows you to merge different .net assemblies (dlls and exes) into one assembly with a wide range of options. This also enables you to save the settings and create post build actions for Visual Studio. Certified for Windows 7.


  •    C++

Process Memory Dumper it's developed for IT Consultants IT Security Consultants that need to dump the entire memory of a process and/or save informations about all running processes and modules It's developed in C++ using MFC



Japanese majer illustration sharing site "Pixiv"'s API Wrapper for .NET. Written with C#.

Universal DLL

  •    VB

This DLL is meant to be a compilation of useful functions in user32.dll, the DWM APi and a few others. Currently, you can, in one line, extend the glass frame with Aero, close a window, move a window, handle movement by clicking anywhere on a form, and many other things.

Kernel32 C# wrapper

  •    CSharp

Mostly done for threading, events, semaphores, pipes, mutexes and other stuff. Not all methods implemented.


  •    DotNet

PRO-TOKOL Server is a Programmable Logic Controller communication driver. The project is 100% coded in .NET Managed code. So, the dll can be included in any .NET project. PRO-TOKOL id developed in Visual Basic.NET 2010.


  •    DotNet

ANPR MX is a simple Automatic Plate Recognition (ANPR) library for the North American average plate size based on C# and OpenCV.


  •    DotNet

WinHooks.NET is a library (for .NET platform) that can be used to make a Windows Hooks, mouse gestures, hot keys easily. All in a few lines!


  •    CSharp

CM.Core.Library est une bibliothèque programmé en C# qui contient de nombreuses fonctions basique tel que de la cryptographie, manipulation de chaine de caractères, gestion de fichiers...

LZO .Net Helper


LZO Interface for the .NET platform. Written in CLI C++


  •    CSharp

Collection Management for TV Series and Anime.

Microsoft Points Converter

  •    DotNet

This applications allows the user to select from a variety of locations to correctly calculate the cost of Microsoft Points in their own currency. The application shows values for pre defined amounts as well as the ability to enter any value necessary. Developed using C#


  •    DotNet

A Twitter API wrapper for .NET. Enables the developers to use the Twitter API directly from their .NET application.

LegacyWrapper - LegacyWrapper uses a x86 wrapper to call legacy dlls from a 64 bit process.

  •    CSharp

LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper process to call dlls from a process of the opposing architecture (X86 or AMD64).Since you can't load a dll of another architecture directly, the wrapper utilizes a named pipe to abstract the call. You won't notice this though, because all the magic is hidden behind a single static method.

node-dlfcn - Native bindings to the dynamic shared library linker (dlfcn)

  •    Javascript

This module offers access to the dlfcn.h functions, including a proper emulation for Windows operating systems.A high-level object-oriented Library class is also exported.