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Isso - a Disqus alternative

  •    Python

Isso is a lightweight commenting server similar to Disqus. It allows anonymous comments, maintains identity and is simple to administrate. It uses JavaScript and cross-origin ressource sharing for easy integration into (static) websites.

Mouthful - Self-hosted alternative to Disqus

  •    Go

Mouthful is a lightweight commenting server written in GO and Preact. It's a self hosted alternative to disqus that's ad free. It supports multiple database support(sqlite, mysql, postgres, dynamodb), Server side caching to prevent excessive database calls, Rate limiting, Honeypot feature, to prevent bots from posting comments, Migrations from existing commenting engines(isso, disqus) and lot more.

Disqus Module for DotNetNuke


This is a module wrapper for the popular Disqus comment engine. This allows you to add the comments to any page, and attach the comments directly to any module on the page. Using this module, you can instantly enable the most interactive comment engine known.

copy-as-format - Emacs function to copy buffer locations as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/

  •    Emacs

Copy the current line or active region and add it to the kill ring as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat/... formatted code. Format defaults to copy-as-format-default. The buffer will not be modified. With a prefix argument prompt for the format.

disqus-node - http://disqus.com/api/ API bindings and CLI for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

Disqus API bindings and CLI for NodeJS. disqus-node documentation.

djangobot - curl for django web framework. Make authenticated requests to a django server.

  •    Go

Curl for Django. Make authenticated requests to a Django server. Django authentication relies on two cookies: csrftoken and sessionid. Once you accquire these cookies, you can make authenticated requests just like the browser does.

dekyll - Jekyll's default theme extended version

  •    HTML

Jekyll theme based on default Jekyll's default style. Demo Dekyll Theme. All configurations are under _config.yml file.

comment.js - A tiny comment system based on Github issue comments.

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript to make a Disqus-like comment system. Use issue system of code hosting sites like Github/OSChina as the backend. Easily to use. Free for running. For people using Hexo as static blog generator, they can try a theme hexo-theme-freemind with comment.js as the default comment system that works out of box.

disqus-react - A React component for Disqus

  •    Javascript

disqus-react is a component for integrating the Disqus comments embed and comment count into a React.js single-page application. All components support live reloads when new prop data is received. On a typical article page with the comment count below the title, and discussion below the article body.

slackus - New disqus' comment notifier for Slack

  •    Javascript

This simple application monitors a Disqus forum (website) and sends a notification to a Slack channel when a new comment is made in said forum. Can be easily deployed to Heroku. It's possible to check for comments on multiple forums simultaneously. To do so, enter their shortnames as a comma seperated list, for example cats,stuff.

Orchard.Disqus - Disqus module for Orchard CMS

  •    CSharp

Orchard module that allows you to easily replace the comment system in Orchard with the Disqus comment system. Import: Command that imports the comments from Disqus.

plugin-disqus - Disqus comments on your books

  •    Javascript

Disqus comments thread in the footer of your pages

e-comments - External comments for static HTML pages, a lightweight self-hosted disqus alternative.

  •    Javascript

This is an open source commenting system, allowing you to include comments on your static website(s) without the privacy concerns of using an external system such as disqus. Embedding comments is as simple as including a couple of small javascript files, along with a CSS file for styling.

vue-disqus - Vue component to integrate Disqus comments in your application, with support for SPA

  •    HTML

Don't use hash (myurl.com/#/) in urls, if you are using the vue-router always opt for HTML5 history: mode. See Event Handling.

jupyter_disqus - Add Disqus to your Jupyter notebook.

  •    Python

You may use this package to inject and display Disqus in your jupyter notebook, which might be helpful for couple use cases. For example, if you are doing a tutorial or a demonstration, Jupyter_Disqus allows you to answer questions that other people may have. Also, you may get some helpful feedback from the audience as well.

rustycrate.ru - Русскоязычный сайт о языке программирования Rust

  •    HTML

Сайт работает на Jekyll. Это статический генератор сайтов. Когда мы запускаем jekyll build, Jekyll обрабатывает шаблоны Liquid, и мы получаем полностью готовый к развёртыванию сайт в директории _site. В процессе построения сайта Jekyll склеивает файлы, заменяет специальные теги на свойства страниц, генерирует определённые элементы в цикле и т.д. Пример шаблонной страницы можно увидеть здесь - это главная нашего сайта. Этот файл довольно подробно аннотирован комментариями - в нём можно разобраться. Развёртывание сайта - это просто копирование файлов в директорию, которую раздаёт веб-сервер (например, nginx).