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discourse-compose - Discourse for docker compose and rancher compose

  •    Shell

A set of tools for docker were shipped with offical Discourse docker release. It do many things for user to check if Discourse can run correctly in docker and run correctly. The main shortcoming of offical release is rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding. Anything changed must rebuild Discourse image. Rebuilding would take a so long time and our forum can't serve our users while rebuilding. It is not acceptable for our site.

ansible-discourse - Provisioning of @discourse with Ansible

  •    Shell

Provisioning Discourse with Vagrant, Ansible, Discourse Docker and AWS. Additionally there is a cron configured that runs automatic backups at 9:00, 14:00 and 20:00. For additional configuration see playbooks/roles/discourse/tasks/main.yml.

discourse-locale-override - Simple hack to override official translations files in Discourse and persist them between Docker rebuilds


Simple plugin/boilerplate to override some of translations keys in Discourse and persist them between Docker rebuilds. It aims to be used by translators and early adopters of fresh locale files. This repository contains only the pl_PL locale. See FAQ below if you need to override a different one.

zfbot - Chatbot for the Zend Framework Slack

  •    CoffeeScript

Chatbot/integrations for Zend Framework Slack

nodebb-plugin-import - migrate your old crappy forum to NodeBB

  •    Javascript

Keep in mind that some Exporters may not be compatible or updated will all versions. File an issue when it's not. File an issue, request it. We usually would want a DB Dump and some time to write one out.

discourse-nntp-bridge - Discourse plugin to keep NNTP & Discourse in sync

  •    Ruby

Primarily used for keeping CSH Discourse in sync with the CSH news server. The only required environment variable is NEWS_HOST. NEWS_USERNAME and NEWS_PASSWORD are both optional, and at least one of the two must be present in order to send authentication along with NNTP.

discourse-data-explorer - SQL Queries for admins in Discourse

  •    Ruby

This plugin allows admins to run SQL queries against the live Discourse database, including parameterized queries and formatting for several common column types.

discourse-oauth2-basic - A basic OAuth2 plugin for use with Discourse

  •    Ruby

This plugin allows you to use a basic OAuth2 provider as authentication for Discourse. It should work with many providers, with the caveat that they must provide a JSON endpoint for retriving information about the user you are logging in. This is mainly useful for people who are using login providers that aren't very popular. If you want to use Google, Facebook or Twitter, those are included out of the box and you don't need this plugin. You can also look for other login providers in our Github Repo.

discourse-patreon - Enable syncronization between Discourse Groups and Patreon rewards

  •    Ruby

Proceed with a normal installation of a plugin. To get those values you must have a Creator account first.

discourse-saml - Support for SAML in Discourse

  •    Ruby

⚠ Discourse has successfully integrated with SAML for many enterprises, but SAML integration is often complex, error prone, and typically requires customization / changes for that organization's specific implementation of SAML. This work is best undertaken by software developers familiar with Discourse. We are highly familiar with Discourse, and available to do that work on an enterprise hosting plan. You may need to set your idp to send an extra custom attribute 'screenName', that will become the users id.

discourse-slack-official - Official Slack integration for Discourse

  •    Ruby

⚠️ This plugin is no longer supported. Please use discourse-chat-integration instead. Migration will take place automatically.


  •    Ruby

Subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API on Azure. Basic subscriptions, up to 2 million characters a month, are free. Translating more than 2 million characters per month requires a payment. You may pick from any of the available subscription offers. Under Admin > Settings > Plugins, enter the subscription key that you've obtained from the steps above.

bitnami-docker-discourse - Bitnami Docker Image for Discourse

  •    Dockerfile

Discourse is the next-generation community forum platform. Discourse has a thoroughly modern design and is written in JavaScript. Page loads are very fast and new content is loaded as the user scrolls down the page. Discourse allows you to create categories, tag posts, manage notifications, create user profiles, and includes features to let communities govern themselves by voting out trolls and spammers. Discourse is built for mobile from the ground up and support high-res devices. NOTE: Debian 8 images have been deprecated in favor of Debian 9 images. Bitnami will not longer publish new Docker images based on Debian 8.


  •    Ruby

A Discourse plugin to enable login Microsoft Azure Active Directory users via OAuth2.

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