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The-Forge - The Forge Cross-Platform Rendering Framework PC, Linux, Ray Tracing, macOS / iOS, Android, XBOX, PS4

  •    C++

The intended usage of The Forge is to enable developers to quickly build their own game engines. The Forge can provide the rendering layer for custom next-gen game engines. Added a unified input system based on Gainput to all platforms (https://github.com/jkuhlmann/gainput). The new input system substantially simplified input management on the application level over all platforms. We also simplified the camera controller. Added also new VirtualJoystick class in UI.

mgfx - MGFX - A cross-platform 2D (CPU & GPU) and 3D (GPU) starter kit.

  •    C++

An example of how to do cross-platform 2D (CPU & GPU) and 3D (GPU) rendering. A quick, simple starter kit for getting something on the screen. Written using Modern C++ 11, using simple cross-platform libraries. This isn't a game engine of any kind - but it can be used as a starter sample to show how to get the basics up and running. I created this sample to help with our teaching efforts at YorkDevelopers, since it can be used to help C++ programmers draw on the screen without all the boilerplate code. The project is also a useful guide for how to build an open source project with continuous integration, cmake, documentation and unit tests. There is a sample here of drawing a 3D Scene, or you can use it to draw to an RGBA memory buffer using the CPU, and transfer it to the screen. Currently the the starter kit can use OpenGL & Direct3D 12 to do the drawing. Also included is ImGui - a very powerful, easy to use UI framework, makes it easy to draw a user interface on your application, using very little code.

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