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angular-google-maps - AngularJS directives for the Google Maps Javascript API

  •    CoffeeScript

With angular 2 and other competing projects we have decided to announce that this project is no longer activley maintained. If someone desires to take over the project please contact any of the admins.As a warning this project is not activley watched by the admins and is checked here and there to fix any major issues. Therefore if something is major, contact someone directly via mentioning a users name/alias (will notify the user/admin).

Semantic-UI-Angular - Semantic UI Angular Integrations

  •    TypeScript

Semantic-UI-Angular is a pure AngularJS 1.x set of directives for Semantic-UI components. We are considering Angular 2 support in the future. We've decided to use TypeScript as a step to Angular 2 friendly environment.We are working on setting up proper environment, contribution guidelines and everything else for comfortable community contributions. Once we release first alpha.0 we are happy to get community help.

angular-redactor - Redactor WYSIWYG directives for redactor editor

  •    Javascript

There is an additional file (angular-redactor-2) for Redactor II. As of version 1.1.0, there is an additional file (angular-redactor-9.x) has been added to accommodate the the 9.x version of redactor, the angular-redactor.js will support the latest version of redactor. You can pass options directly to Redactor by specifying them as the value of the redactor attribute.

dorsal - Fin! https://eventbrite.github.io/dorsal

  •    Javascript

TL;DR: An HTML decorator library.Dorsal swims around your DOM in search of HTML that's hungry for delicious, delicious JavaScript. Dorsal scoops up those DOM elements and wires them up just by applying one class to your HTML. We were inspired by the directives system in Angular and wanted to bring something similar to our frontend stack here at Eventbrite.

vue-browser-acl - Easy ACL in Vue build on top of the browser-acl package.

  •    Javascript

Easy ACL in Vue build on top of the browser-acl package. Router and helper examples are available below.

angular-google-maps-native - AngularJS directives for the Google Maps Javascript API using the native way

  •    Javascript

angular-google-maps-native is a module for the AngularJS framework. It provides the Google Maps JavaScript API an easy and intuitive way. You won't have to learn a complex dedicated syntax. Just use Google Maps, the AngularJS way.

encore-ui - UI Framework for Encore

  •    Javascript

EncoreUI is a library of reusable AngularJS widgets for internal Rackspace projects. While a few components are specific to Rackspace, most are generic enough to be used by any app. You can see all components in action by visiting the EncoreUI demo page.

ng-click-select - :mouse: Click-to-select inputs for Angular.

  •    TypeScript

This branch is for Angular 2. For Angular 1.x, see the 1.x branch. Angular directive to select contents of text input or text area elements when clicked. Useful to allow user to easily copy value into their clipboard without a Flash-based solution like ZeroClipboard.

v-img-fallback - Fallback image directive for VueJs

  •    Javascript

Vue imge placeholder directive for broken images. This directive can receive string or object value.

angular-duration-format - AngularJS filter for formatting time

  •    Javascript

AngularJS filter for formatting duration. Add angular-duration-format as your app dependency.

sprockets-preloader - Webpack pre-loader to easily translate sprockets require directives into npm module requires

  •    Javascript

Easily translate sprockets require directives into JavaScript module dependencies. Useful for migrating a Rails project to Webpack module bundling. Include as a preLoader, e.g.

angular.number-input - A number-only input element directive for AngularJS.

  •    Javascript

A number-only input element directive for AngularJS. September 27th, 2017: Support for this project has been discontinued. Use at your own risk.

ngx-stop-propagation - βœ‹ Stop propagation for everyday events with Angular directives 🎩

  •    Javascript

βœ‹ Stop propagation for everyday events with Angular directives 🎩

graphql-directive - Use custom directives in your GraphQL schema and queries 🎩

  •    Javascript

GraphQL supports several directives: @include, @skip and @deprecated. This module opens a new dimension by giving you the possibility to define your custom directives. You can learn more about directives in GraphQL documentation.

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