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IAMDinosaur - 🦄 An Artificial Inteligence to teach Google's Dinosaur to jump cactus

  •    Javascript

A simple artificial intelligence to teach Google Chrome's offline dinosaur to jump cactus, using Neural Networks and a simple Genetic Algorithm.Install Node.js on your computer.

dino - A simple DynamoDB object modeler for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

A simple Amazon DynamoDB object modeler for Node.js. Dino's small API leverages the fast and inexpensive parts of the DynamoDB API, while exposing the complete DynamoDB client for extensibility. Sets the default DynamoDB client for your application. Alternatively, you can omit this and use environment variables.

CustomArkLootDrops - Improved, yet not overpowered, sky beacon loot drops for ARK: Survival Evolved

  •    PowerShell

Improved and re-balanced default world beacons for hosted ARK: Survival Evolved servers. The goal with this drop rework is to improve the World Sky Beacons crates in ARK: Survival Evolved and focus on balancing for what would really make sense while making sure they are not too overpowered.