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SeeFood - Inspired by HBO's Silicon Valley: SeeFood is an iOS app that uses CoreML to detect various dishes

  •    Swift

For a step by step guide on how to build SeeFood: How to train your own model for CoreML. Xcode 9 (currently Version 9.0 beta 3 (9M174d)). The trained CoreML data model which can be downloaded here. An iOS device running iOS 11+.

angular-digits - :1234: AngularJS module for Twitter Fabric Digits

  •    Javascript

This is an angular wrapper for twitter fabric's digits sdk. It bridges the gap between Angular's digest cycle and the foreign SDK by applying the asynchronous events to the digest cycle. It also provides convenient models to provide insight to the responses from the API (if the workflow was closed by the user, popup was blocked, etc). You can customize the Digits for Web sign in flow to collect user email addresses or pre-fill phone number information, based on your app’s needs.

firebase-digits - A Firebase integration for Twitter Digits using the JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The next block of code is the only Node.js code in this README. Everything else is client-side. If you don't understand the difference between server- and client-side JavaScript, you have some serious studying to do. So go do it and then come back when you've read up. Now that we're on the same page... FirebaseDigits takes a configured Firebase app and a path to listen on. Then you call start. That's it. Keep whatever Node.js script that you're using to run this alive, and FirebaseDigits will listen to the path that you gave it until the end of time. It's a very tiny process by design. Your server doesn't need any ports open to run... it can be totally firewalled. All it needs to do is to connect to Firebase and keep running. You could run this process on a Raspberry Pi stuck to the wall in your bathroom and it would be fine.

Numbase - Arbitrary number base converter.

  •    PHP

Easily convert numbers between arbitrary bases and symbol sets. This library requires PHP >=5.3 (namespaces) and GMP extension (for handling large numbers exceeding PHP capabilities).

NumPad - Number Pad (inspired by Square)

  •    Swift

Number Pad inspired by Square. This module is based on LEAmountInputView. Add NumPad to your view.

react-digits - Use Twitter's Digits for Web in your React app

  •    Javascript

Digits is a free phone-number-based log in solution. This repository showcases how you can use Digits in a React application. Using ES6 with the help of Babel - because as my friend Bob says, "It's like living in the future". Now open src/ReactDigits.js and enter your consumer key inside the componentWillMount function where we first initialize Digits.

mnist - mnist digits in javascript

  •    Javascript

The goal of this library is to provide an easy-to-use way for training and testing MNIST digits for neural networks (either in the browser or node.js). It includes 10000 different samples of mnist digits. I built this in order to work out of the box with Synaptic. The most important method is mnist.set(trainingAmount, testAmount) which takes the amount of samples for the training and test sets, and returns an object with the two sets of samples (one for training and the other one for testing). Both sets are shuffled, and there are no samples repeated in both sets.

react-native-fabric-digits - Fabric Digits wrapper for React-Native

  •    Objective-C

Fabric Digits wrapper for React-Native. Add this inside the application tag.

Google-Street-View-House-Numbers-Digit-Localization - Localizing the the digits in images from the Google SVHN (Street View House Numbers) dataset

  •    C++

Please cite our work if Google-Street-View-House-Numbers-Digit-Localization and our approach helps your research. The above format is for both groundtruth as well as CPU generated bounding boxes.

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