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SwiftForms - A small and lightweight library written in Swift that allows you to easily create forms

  •    Swift

SwiftForms is a powerful and extremely flexible library written in Swift that allows to create forms by just defining them in a couple of lines. It also provides the ability to customize cells appearance, use custom cells and define your own selector controllers. Creating a form using SwiftForms is pretty straightforward. All you need is to derive your controller from FormViewController and define a FormDescriptor instance along with its sections and rows. Here is an example of how to create a simple form to input an email and a user password.

MJExtension - A fast, convenient and nonintrusive conversion between JSON and model

  •    Objective-C

A fast, convenient and nonintrusive conversion between JSON and model. Your model class don't need to extend another base class. You don't need to modify any model file.

core - Elm's core libraries

  •    Elm

It provides basic functionality like addition and subtraction as well as data structures like lists, dictionaries, and sets. New to Elm? Go to elm-lang.org for an overview.

JaSpell - Java spelling checking package

  •    Java

JaSpell is a Java spelling checking package. It is of particular interest for developers, since it provides a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow one to add spelling checking to any Java Application easily. JaSpell is implemented with basis on the ternary search tree.

style-dictionary - A build system for creating cross-platform styles.

  •    Javascript

Style once, use everywhere. A Style Dictionary is a system that allows you to define styles once, in a way for any platform or language to consume. A single place to create and edit your styles, and a single command exports these rules to all the places you need them - iOS, Android, CSS, JS, HTML, sketch files, style documentation, etc. It is available as a CLI through npm, but can also be used like any normal node module if you want to extend its functionality.

Dictionary - Programming Dictionary


Внимание! Ссылки на видео по каждой теме помещены в соответствующие репозитории.

Multi-Language Words Memorizer

  •    DotNet

Language learning tool. This .net application is designed for learning words and help foreign language learners by lots of automatic features.



The C# client library for the Wordnik API.



AudioWordsDownloader is a free download helper (a "downloader") for words pronunciation audio (sound) files, stored from on-line dictionaries to local machiene.

NConf - Advanced Configuration Manager


NConf is an advanced configuration system for .Net projects. It's written out of the need for more advanced configuration than what .Net provides. The key features it supports is multiple configuration sources, simple to use syntax, the ability to reload/update configuration a...

A Concurrent Hashtable

  •    DotNet

A hashtable implementation that allows simultaneous reads and writes from multiple threads. Also offering a concurrent Dictionary and WeakDictionary as hashtable specializations.

Non-Unique Key Dictionary

  •    CSharp

A dictionary that does not require unique keys for values.

DataCore Technologies - Scribe


A database development tool that fully documents the current data model of one or more Sql Server databases.