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addict - The Python Dict that's better than heroin.

  •    Python

addict is a Python module that gives you dictionaries whose values are both gettable and settable using attributes, in addition to standard item-syntax. Addict runs on Python 2 and Python 3, and every build is tested towards 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.

Box - Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access

  •    Python

Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access. If you want to be able to use the to_yaml functionality make sure to install PyYAML or ruamel.yaml as well.

zatt - Python implementation of the Raft algorithm for distributed consensus

  •    Python

Zatt is a distributed storage system built on the Raft consensus algorithm.By default, clients share a dict data structure, although every python object is potentially replicable with the pickle state machine.

dictionaries - Hunspell dictionaries in UTF-8

  •    Javascript

Accessible and easily installable hunspell dictionaries. Useful with nodehun, nspell, and others.See each of the below packages for installation guidelines.

nspell - 📝 Hunspell compatible spell-checker

  •    Javascript

Hunspell compatible spell-checker in plain-vanilla JavaScript.nspell contains most of the essential core of Hunspell. It does not contain a tokeniser but leaves many details up to implementors. The main difference, conceptually, is that Hunspell is based on the user and their preferences, whereas nspell is based on explicitly passed in options, thus producing the same results regardless of OS, file-system, or environment.

dictionaries - The dictionaries of various languages used for spellchecking in ONLYOFFICE Document Server


The dictionaries of various languages used for spellchecking in ONLYOFFICE Document Server.If you have any problems with or questions about ONLYOFFICE Document Server, please visit our official forum to find answers to your questions: dev.onlyoffice.org or you can ask and answer ONLYOFFICE development questions on Stack Overflow.

Emojipedia - Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings

  •    PHP

Pick one method of installation: using Dictionaries.app, Terminal, or Finder. The following steps are only required if you wish to modify the dictonary.

dict-definition - Preprocessing scripts to read definitions and other information from dictionaries

  •    Python

Preprocessing scripts to read definitions and other information from dictionaries. This repository is for AAAI2017 paper: "Definition Modeling: Learning to define word embeddings in natural language".

yomichan - Japanese pop-up dictionary extension for Chrome and Firefox.

  •    Javascript

Yomichan turns your web browser into a tool for building Japanese language literacy by helping you to decipher texts which would be otherwise too difficult tackle. This extension is similar to Rikaichan for Firefox and Rikaikun for Chrome, but it stands apart in its goal of being a all-encompassing learning tool as opposed to a mere browser-based dictionary. There are several free Japanese dictionaries available for Yomichan, with two of them having glossaries available in different languages. You must download and import the dictionaries you wish to use in order to enable Yomichan definition lookups. If you have proprietary EPWING dictionaries that you would like to use, please see the Yomichan Import page to learn how to convert and import them into Yomichan.

handshake-cracker - Handshake cracker

  •    Shell

Includes a tool to efficiently perform capturing of handshakes. It intelligently manages all the words of the dictionaries to be tested, as well as keeps a history of everything that has already been tested, so that the same attempts are not repeated.

dotmap - Dot access dictionary with dynamic hierarchy creation and ordered iteration

  •    Python

Dot access dictionary with dynamic hierarchy creation and ordered iteration


  •    C++

See sdcv man page for usage description. If you find bug reports it via email to dushistov at mail dot ru. Be sure to include the word “sdcv” somewhere in the “Subject:” field.

wpa2-wordlists - A collection of wordlists dictionaries for password cracking

  •    Shell

A collection of passwords and wordlists commonly used for dictionary-attacks using a variety of password cracking tools such as aircrack-ng, hydra and hashcat.

laravel-profane - Profanity Validator for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

I made this package to perform a validation for swearwords using Laravel validation service. Add the ProfaneServiceProvider class in your config/app.php file.

hades - Repository for the CLiPS HAte speech DEtection System [HADES].

  •    Python

This is a work-in-progress repository for the CLiPS HAte speech DEtection System (HADES). Currently, the repository contains the supplementary materials from the paper: "A Dictionary-based Approach to Racism Detection in Dutch Social Media", presented at the TA-COS workshop at LREC 2016.

gdcl - Command-line interface for Goldendict dictionaries

  •    Ruby

gdcl is a command-line interface for searching GoldenDict dictionaries. A request for a command-line version is currently the third most commented issue on the GoldenDict issue tracker. This script is a very rudimentary workaround to allow searching through groups of dictionaries until an official command-line interface is available. As an example of a similar interface, StarDict has sdcv (StarDict Console Version), but it can only handle dictionaries in the StarDict format. For users of GoldenDict who have large collections of dictionaries in other formats (e.g. DSL or BGL), converting and maintaining two parallel sets of dictionaries is not a practical solution.

postgres-tsearch-bulgarian - Bulgarian Full Text Search Dictionaries for PostgreSQL based on Ispell from bgOffice Project


This repository contains Bulgarian ispell (affix and dict) and stopword dictionaries for full text search in PostgreSQL. The ispell dictionary files (bulgarian.affix and bulgarian.dict) have been created by the bgOffice/БГ Офис project for use in OpenOffice and are licensed under LGPL 3.0.

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