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ps - Problem Solving


ps is a collection of various computing problems and their corresponding solutions that I could think of. The problems range in various categories such as design, algorithms, performance optimizations, and more. Feel free to add a Github issue for any discrepancy, typo, alternatives, or a different solution that I might not have considered. Also feel free to add issues for problems that you would like me to work upon - though it may take me a few days to research and jot my notes here.

TopSol-Playbook - Lean/Agile Story telling


"TopSol Playbook" is a set of recipes, templates and good practices, to help you shape your story telling. It is a guidance aimed at product people, like product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, marketing people, sales people, even founders and C-levels CxO. The "TopSol Playbook" may help you tell stories, but also may help you shape your {unique|key} value proposition.

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