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PowerLib extends system .net library. It contains many extension methods to work with various types and contains many container classes (such that lists, queues, deques, stack, trees and graphs) and methods to work with its. This library has generic math subsystem which allow...

Buckets-Swift - Swift Collection Data Structures Library

  •    Swift

Buckets is a complete, tested and documented collections library for swift.Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that automates the process of adding frameworks to your application.

go-queue - Queue data structure for Go.

  •    Go

Package queue implements a double-ended queue (aka "deque") data structure on top of a slice. All operations run in (amortized) constant time. Benchmarks compare favorably to container/list as well as to Go's channels. These queues are not safe for concurrent use. I tried to stick to the conventions established by container/list even though I disagree with them (see RANT.md for details). In other words, this data structure is ready for the standard library (hah!).

Decision_Tree_PDeque - C++ code for "A Faster Drop-in Implementation for Leaf-wise Exact Greedy Induction of Decision Tree Using Pre-sorted Deque"

  •    C++

This is the proof-of-concept demo code for reproducing experiments in the arXiv note "A Faster Drop-in Implementation for Leaf-wise Exact Greedy Induction of Decision Tree Using Pre-sorted Deque" (https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.06989).

deque - Fast ring-buffer deque (double-ended queue)

  •    Go

Extremely fast ring-buffer deque (double-ended queue) implementation. Deque generalizes a queue and a stack, to efficiently add and remove items at either end with O(1) performance. Queue (FIFO) operations are supported using PushBack() and PopFront(). Stack (LIFO) operations are supported using PushBack() and PopBack().

Deque - Double-ended queue

  •    CSharp

A double-ended queue, which provides O(1) indexed access, O(1) removals from the front and back, amortized O(1) insertions to the front and back, and O(N) insertions and removals anywhere else.

ecol - Event Collections

  •    TypeScript

Extension of TypeScript-STL Containers dispatching Events. TSTL is an open-source project providing features of STL, migrated from C++ to TypeScript. You can enjoy the STL's own specific containers, algorithms and functors in the JavaScript. If TypeScript, you also can take advantage of type restrictions and generic programming with the TypeScript.