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Virtualgo - Easy and powerful workspace based development for go

  •    Go

Virtualgo (or vg for short) is a tool which provides workspace based development for Go. Virtualgo doesn't do dependency resolution or version pinning itself, because this is a hard problem that's already being solved by other tools. Its approach is to build on top of these tools, such as dep, to provide the features features listed above. For people coming from Python vg is very similar to virtualenv, with dep being respective to pip. The main difference is that vg is much easier to use than virtualenv, because there's almost no mental overhead in using vg.

zentral - Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory

  •    Python

Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory. Check out the Wiki to get and overview of the project and for the documentation. This is where the release notes are published too.

install-if-needed - installs the given modules if needed

  •    Javascript

Installs the given list of modules and saves them into their respective fields in your nearest package.json. Dependencies that already exist in your package.json will be skipped.You can pass { stdio: 'inherit' } to preserve logging and colors, acting like the usual npm install command.

resolve-dep - Load the resolved file paths for specified NPM modules into your node project, or into Grunt config data using Lo-Dash templates

  •    Javascript

Return an array of resolved filepaths for require-able local or named npm modules. Wildcard (glob) patterns may be used. Similar in concept to matchdep and load-grunt-tasks, but returns an array of fully resolved file paths to any local modules or npm modules listed in package.json dependencies.

wego - Word2Vec, GloVe in Go!

  •    Go

This is the implementation of word embedding (a.k.a word representation) models in Golang. Like this example, the models generate the vectors that could calculate word meaning by arithmetic operations for other vectors.

go-docker - Sample code and dockerfiles accompanying the blog post The Ultimate Guide to Writing Dockerfiles for Go Web-apps

  •    Go

A simple web app written in Go, with dockerfiles for development and production. See branch glide for glide based workflow instead of dep.

kubegodep2dep - Kubernetes godep to dep converter

  •    Go

The purpose of this tool is to generate (a part of) Gopkg.toml file that can be fed to the dep package manager in a project that wants to use Kubernetes' libraries compatible with a particular Kubernetes version and among each other. The huge benefit is that exactly the same dependency revisions are used. That means the set of dependency versions that you get have been tested by Kubernetes unit, integration and end-to-end tests plus real world usage so it is guaranteed to work.

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