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  •    JQuery

Papa Parse is a powerful CSV (delimited text) parser that gracefully handles large files and malformed input

TSV - A simple javascript TSV/CSV parser.

  •    Javascript

TSV/CSV converter and parser. Good for serving time-series (or any series) data to use in D3.js or other client-side graph libraries. Warning: This module does very dumb parsing and is not suitable for unclean data not generated by yourself. Processing is synchronous. Not suitable for large datasets. Unless you're really into minimal code, please use a better supported tool like node-csv-parser.

angular-PapaParse - An Angular factory wrapper for PapaParse

  •    Javascript

Papa doesn't have to be accessed by the window object. Use dependency injection instead. Great for unit test and do everything in the Angular manner. Add ngPapaParse as a module dependency to your app after including the angular-PapaParse.js script and inject Papa anywhere you need.

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