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not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome


Reverse-inspired by all of the awesome lists on GitHub, like Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Awesome JavaScript, Awesome React, Awesome Cycle.js, Awesome Go, Awesome Elixir, Awesome Elm, etc. While ES6 brings several useful and syntactically pleasing new features to JavaScript, there are many people in the JS community who feel that adding class syntax to the language was a mistake. I share this sentiment, but I have encountered quite a few programmers in the wild who don't agree or simply don't seem to understand why some of us have this opinion. So, I wanted to create an online reference where people could come to learn specifically about this issue and why they might not actually need class syntax in JavaScript.

Closures - Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation

  •    Swift

Closures is an iOS Framework that adds closure handlers to many of the popular UIKit and Foundation classes. Although this framework is a substitute for some Cocoa Touch design patterns, such as Delegation & Data Sources and Target-Action, the authors make no claim regarding which is a better way to accomplish the same type of task. Most of the time it is a matter of style, preference, or convenience that will determine if any of these closure extensions are beneficial. Whether you're a functional purist, dislike a particular API, or simply just want to organize your code a little bit, you might enjoy using this library.

CompositeAndroid - Composition over inheritance for Android components like Activity or Fragment

  •    Java

Allows to add functionality into an Android Activity. Just because we all have a BaseActivity in our projects containing too much unused stuff. When it grows, it get unmaintainable. Given you have an Activity showing a list of tweets (TweetStreamActivity) and you want add view tracking.

SDS SharePoint Library


The SDS SharePoint Library is a FREE collection of reusable tools and solutions from www.sds-consulting.com. Our team builds custom SharePoint solutions, fast.

casting - Delegate methods in Ruby and preserve self

  •    Ruby

Do it for the life of the object or only for the life of a block of code. Casting gives you real delegation that flattens your object structure compared to libraries like Delegate or Forwardable. With casting, you can implement your own decorators that will be so much simpler than using wrappers.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that emulates capturing events behavior: trigger them from top to bottom with .reggirt(), the "trigger" method reversed!

node-delegates - Nodejs method and accessor delegation utility

  •    Javascript

Node method and accessor delegation utilty.Delegates getters, setters, values, and methods from targetProto to proto. Assumes that targetProto objects will exist under proto objects with the key targetProp.

delegate - Lightweight event delegation

  •    Javascript

Lightweight event delegation. You can get it on npm.

delegate - Event delegation component

  •    HTML

Low-level event delegation component. Bind and return a callback which may be passed to .unbind().

delegated - Delegated Browser events in a really, really simple package

  •    Javascript

A tiny little cross-browser event delegation library. Uses Element.matches for CSS selector-based filtering. All calls to delegated(...) return an event handling function that will check nodes up to the parent to see if they match specified filter(s).

rust-delegate - Rust method delegation with less boilerplate

  •    Rust

This crate helps remove some boilerplate for structs that simply delegates most of its methods to one or more fields. In addition, a stack may support secondary operations such as querying if the stack is empty, the current size of the stack, a peek operation that gives access to the top item without removing it, a method to clear the stack and so on.

windows-lab - Windows Automated Lab with Vagrant

  •    PowerShell

If everything went according to plan you should see Hello World! in the browser. To test NetScaler authentication: ensure the lab was created with variable environment WITH_NETSCALER set to true or execute provisioning files 03_populate_AD2.ps1 in DC01 and 05_populate_adfs.ps1 in ADFS01.

objectory - Object factory honoring JavaScripts prototype delegation

  •    Javascript

When asked what he might do differently if he had to rewrite Java from scratch, James Gosling suggested that he might do away with class inheritance and write a delegation only language. When ES6 arrives classes will become a standard of the JavaScript language. It is a concept well known to Java developers, especially, and it conceptually works much the same way. The thing is that JavaScript has powerful mechanisms for creating, composing and linking objects (delegation), allowing for other patterns too.

receptor - Yet another DOM event delegation library

  •    Javascript

Event delegation is a method for listening for events that bubble to a higher level in the DOM and applying a function only if the event's target meets some criteria (typically that it matches a given CSS selector). The primary advantage over adding event listeners to specific elements is that you don't need to know what's in the DOM to listen for events from certain elements. In other words, you can modify the DOM willy-nilly without having to juggle adding and removing "direct" event listeners whenever certain elements are added and removed. There are lots of different tools that do delegation. The technique is even baked into jQuery, which behaves "correctly" in the sense that delegated functions match CSS selectors both for the target element and its ancestors.

delegate-it - DOM event delegation, in <1KB

  •    TypeScript

Note: selectors are always treated as multiple elements, even if one or none are matched. delegate() will return an array. If you're using TypeScript and have event types that are custom, you can override the global GlobalEventHandlersEventMap interface via declaration merging. e.g. say you have a types/globals.d.ts file, you can add the following.