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DefinitelyTyped - The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

  •    TypeScript

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.Also see the definitelytyped.org website, although information in this README is more up-to-date.

nim - Command-line tool for inspecting node library objects, function implementations and listing properties – with syntax highlighting

  •    Javascript

Node.js command-line tool for inspecting objects, function implementations and listing properties, with syntax highlighting.If you're like me, you regularly boot up node's REPL just to explore objects or gain insight on how things work by logging function implementations. nim is a slightly more convenient way of doing this.

definition-tester - DefinitelyTyped repository testing infrastructure

  •    TypeScript

Probably only usable as a dependency of DefinitelyTyped.See the Gruntfile.js for additional commands.

navigator-go - Atom Package For Navigating To The Symbol Under The Cursor Using godef

  •    Javascript

Atom Package For Navigating To The Symbol Under The Cursor Using godef

vscode-file-peek - vscode extension for peeking to filename found in strings of source code.

  •    TypeScript

This extension extends Typescript and Javascript code editing with Go To Definition support for filenames found in strings within the source code. I created this extension for use with Angular 2 component definitions. The idea is to allow quickly jumping to or peeking into files that are referenced from your source. For example if there is an html or css file referenced this will allow jumping to that file as the "definition" of the string name of the file in the source code.

urban - Command line tool and API for the Urban Dictionary

  •    Javascript

The Urban Dictionary program and library for node.js. The API is official, but undocumented.


  •    TypeScript

A library aimed to aid testing of TypeScript definitions. Checks TypeScript files for syntactic, expected and unexpected semantic (type) errors. Any version of TypeScript must be installed separately.

js-ddl - Gets you a JSON Schema from PostgreSQL or SQLite3

  •    Javascript

DDL.js is a library that queries database and table schemas (currently from PostgreSQL and SQLite3) and describes their columns with JSON Schema v4. You can use DDL.js for introspection, to prepare your domain models and set up simple type coercions or validations for those database columns. This way you can have the same convenience that Ruby on Rails's ActiveRecord provides, but in the JavaScript world.

js-externals - External declarations for Kotlin/JS

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains sources of external declarations for Kotlin/JS. All libraries are available in the maven repository https://bintray.com/kotlin/js-externals/ with group id kotlin.js.externals and artifact id kotlin-js-<library-name>.

dts-bundle - Export TypeScript .d.ts files as an external module definition

  •    TypeScript

This module is a naïve string-based approach at generating bundles from the .d.ts declaration files generated by a TypeScript compiler. The main use-case is generating definition for npm/bower modules written in TypeScript (commonjs/amd) so the TypeScript code should following the external-module pattern (using import/export's and --outDir).


  •    Elm

Experimental protobuf plugin generating elm code to decode/encode Proto3/JSON from proto definitions. The plugin itself is written in Go, and it requires the base protoc protobuf compiler to be installed on the system.

prop-types-definition - Patch for prop-types to get property type definition in runtime

  •    Javascript

Patch for prop-types to get property type definition in runtime. When using React components, prop-types is commonly used to define properties type checking. Unfortunally, prop-type doesn't provide definition details that can be useful for documentation generation or component's playground. This library adds ability to get property type definition in runtime by calling a getTypeDefinition() method.

graphql-liftoff - Generate GraphQL schema language from API specifications and more

  •    TypeScript

graphql-liftoff is a GraphQL schema type generator. It takes in an existing data model and maps it to type definitions by using a domain specific parser. This reduces the amount of work needed to migrate existing REST APIs to GraphQL. Found something that doesn't seem right or have a feature request? First, checkout our contribution guidelines, then open a new issue.

graphql-strong - Define your GraphQL schemas with confidence that your values are correct.

  •    TypeScript

One of the biggest reasons to use GraphQL is its static type system. This type system makes it easy for GraphQL clients to do interesting optimizations and allows for powerful developer tools. Including GraphQL API development tools. Strong GraphQL, or graphql-strong, is a library that leverages TypeScript types to give you the power of static type analysis when defining your GraphQL API in JavaScript. With the reference graphql-js implementation you can’t get the type safety GraphQL provides when building your API, but with Strong GraphQL you can.

custom-tag - The simplest way to define Custom Elements.

  •    Javascript

The simplest way to define Custom Elements. Based on Classtrophobic, safely usable before or after Babel transpilation.

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