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  •    Javascript

Promise-mysql is a wrapper for mysqljs/mysql that wraps function calls with Bluebird promises. Usually this would be done with Bluebird's .promisifyAll() method, but mysqljs/mysql's footprint is different to that of what Bluebird expects. At the minute only the standard connection (using .createConnection()) and the pool (using .createPool()) is supported. createPoolCluster is not implemented yet.

assure - Promises/A+ micro library to help with asynchronous work flow.

  •    Javascript

Promises (deferreds/futures/etc.) are a way to create a tangible connection between now and an eventual outcome. Promises are a good pattern for asynchronous I/O, such as API interaction, AJAX operations, etc., by providing optional success & failure handling. A then() will return a new Promise which is in a hierarchal relationship. When a "parent" is reconciled, it's "children" inherit the outcome.

yaku - A lightweight promise library

  •    Javascript

Yaku is full compatible with ES6's native Promise, but much faster, and more error friendly. If you want to learn how Promise works, read the minimum implementation yaku.aplus. Without comments, it is only 80 lines of code (gzipped size is 0.5KB). It only implements the constructor and then. Yaku passed all the tests of promises-aplus-tests, promises-es6-tests, and even the core-js tests.

underscore.deferred - jQuery style Deferreds for Underscore

  •    Javascript

This is a port of jQuery.Deferred as an Underscore mixin, but it can be used without any depencencies. It currently matches the Deferred specifications and implementation from jQuery 1.8.0, with all the associated helpers. jQuery offers a robust, consistent and well documented API; this project aims to make it portable. jQuery added a handful of helper methods to their implementation of the Common.js Promises/A Spec and they're faithfully reproduced without any dependencies.

await.js - set-theoretical promises

  •    Javascript

await.js is a lightweight, dependency-free promises library that makes both serial and parallel logic easy by thinking in terms of sets. You await() a set of things, and once you have all the things, you do stuff. await.js conforms to the Promises/A+ spec. You'll need some polyfill or Modernizr goodness to use it in browsers that don't support JavaScript 1.8.5. (e.g. IE8 and lower). To that end, example-polyfills.js is included in the git repo. The polyfills file has no test coverage, and is otherwise purely optional.

es6-promise-pool - Runs Promises in a pool that limits their concurrency.

  •    Javascript

Runs Promises in a pool that limits their concurrency. An ECMAScript 2015 Promise is a great way to handle asynchronous operations. The Promise.all function provides an easy interface to let a bunch of promises settle concurrently.

pg-bluebird - PostgreSQL client extension for bluebird promise support

  •    Javascript

pg-bluebird module is designed to bring Promises/A+ ability to well known pg module. You can use it just like standard pg module with promise support instead of async callback functions. Please see the example below.

legendary - Dabbling with promises. It’ll be legendary

  •    Javascript

Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async. This module is no longer maintained. It still has some neat ideas though.

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