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codechecker - CodeChecker is an analyzer tooling, defect database and viewer extension for the Clang Static Analyzer and Clang Tidy

  •    Python

CodeChecker is a static analysis infrastructure built on the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer toolchain, replacing scan-build in a Linux or macOS (OS X) development environment. In OSX environment the intercept-build tool from scan-build is used to log the compiler invocations.

Surface-Defect-Detection - 📈 Constantly summarizing open source dataset and critical papers in the field of surface defect research which are of great importance

  •    Python

At present, surface defect equipment based on machine vision has widely replaced artificial visual inspection in various industrial fields, including 3C, automobiles, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, semiconductors and electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, light industry and other industries. Traditional surface defect detection methods based on machine vision often use conventional image processing algorithms or artificially designed features plus classifiers. Generally speaking, imaging schemes are usually designed by using the different properties of the inspected surface or defects. A reasonable imaging scheme helps to obtain images with uniform illumination and clearly reflect the surface defects of the object. In recent years, many defect detection methods based on deep learning have also been widely used in various industrial scenarios. Compared with the clear classification, detection and segmentation tasks in computer vision, the requirements for defect detection are very general. In fact, its requirements can be divided into three different levels: "what is the defect" (classification), "where is the defect" (positioning) And "How many defects are" (split).

devml - Machine Learning, Statistics and Utilities around Developer Productivity, Company Productivity and Project Productivity

  •    Jupyter

This pip install installs a command-line tool: dml (which is referenced in the documentation below). And also library devml, which is referenced below as well. Code is written to support Python 3.6 or greater. You can get that here: https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-360/.


  •    Jupyter

A set of codes to compute carrier capture and recombination rates in semiconducting compounds. This topic has a rich history starting from the work by Huang and Rhys. Our implementation was inspired by the approach (and FORTRAN code) employed by Alkauskas and coworkers, but has been adapted to also describe anharmonic potential energy surfaces. The codes are written in Julia, while the scripts and Jupyter Notebooks also contain Python and use pymatgen and pawpyseed (tested on Scientific Linux 7 and Linux Mint 18), which are assumed to be installed. The Brooglie package is used to solve the time-independent Schrödinger equation.

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