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attr-bind - 2-way dom element binding

  •    Javascript

Now the contents of the span tag update as you edit the input box.Return a bind() function. Optionally you can pass in an observable()-style function watcher fn.

attractor - snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes

  •    Javascript

Snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes.Everybody has 2-way binding examples, so here it is. Skip to the next example if you want to see something new.

bem-xjst - bem-xjst (eXtensible JavaScript Templates): declarative template engine for the browser and server

  •    Javascript

Declarative template engine for the browser and server with regular JS syntax. You can redefine or extend just a particular part of output not only by simple redefinition via new templates but also using ‘modes’. E.g. it may be a tag name or its content.

html-modules-toolkit - Transforming HTML standards of the future into JavaScript standards of the past

  •    TypeScript

🚨 PROJECT STATUS: EXPERIMENTAL 🚨This product is in the Experimentation phase. Someone on the team thinks it’s an idea worth exploring, but it may not go any further than this. Use at your own risk. Let's face it: if you publish stuff on the web, you probably noticed that it is getting harder and harder to use HTML to do it. HTML Imports failed to gain a lot of traction among browser implementors. JavaScript modules are, well, JavaScript; you can use cool tools like lit-html within JavaScript, but traditional markup just isn't on the menu.