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decimal - Arbitrary-precision fixed-point decimal numbers in go

  •    Go

Arbitrary-precision fixed-point decimal numbers in go.NOTE: can "only" represent numbers with a maximum of 2^31 digits after the decimal point.

Decimals.jl - Pure Julia decimal arithmetic library.

  •    Julia

Basic routines for decimal arithmetic in Julia. Supports addition, subtraction, negation, multiplication, division, and equality operations; exponentiation coming as soon as I find the time to write it. This is a pure Julia implementation, so if you are concerned about pure speed, calling libmpdec functions directly is likely to be faster. Tested in Julia 0.6. Clearly, this is not okay for fields like finance, where it's important to be able to trust that $0.30 is actually 30 cents, rather than 30.000000000000004 cents.

elixir_number - Numbers -- A generic wrapper to use *any* custom Numeric type in Elixir!

  •    Elixir

Numbers is a tiny Elixir package that facilitates the creation of libraries that want to be able to use any kind of Numberlike type. Starting at version 5, Numbers contains a set of protocols that can be independently implemented for your data structures.

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