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dokieli - :bulb: dokieli is a clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions

  •    Javascript

dokieli is a decentralised article authoring, annotation, and social notification tool which works from Web browsers. It is built with the following principles in mind: freedom of expression, decentralisation, interoperability. See the growing list of examples in the wild. Add the URLs of your articles or interactions to the list.

mashlib - solid-compatible data mashup library and Data Browser

  •    CSS

The mashlib (mashlib.js) is a solid-compatible data mashup library. One major use of it is as a data browser for a personal data store. The mashlib human interface is read-write: where the user is allowed to edit: it lets them edit the data and create new things. It is live, in that often the data browser signed up (using a websocket) for any changes which other users make, so users' screens are synchronized.

solid-yo - A simple example app for Solid, created for educational purposes

  •    Javascript

Yo is an app to send “yo” messages to people. That’s all it can do. I blatantly copied the concept from the existing Yo mobile app. However, this app is intended as a step-by-step instruction on how to build apps on top of the Solid platform.

oidc-auth-manager - An OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication manager (OP, RP and RS) for decentralized peer-to-peer authentication

  •    Javascript

An OpenID Connect (OIDC) peer node (a combination Identity Provider, Relying Party, Authorization Server and Resource Server) for decentralized authentication projects such as Solid.

solid-client - Javascript client library for Solid applications

  •    Javascript

The solid client can be used by solid applications that run in the browser or on Node.js. A minified UMD bundle is provided along with the regular set of CommonJS modules. See the installation docs for more installation examples.

solid-panes - A set of core solid-compatible apps based on solid-ui

  •    Javascript

These are a set of interlinked applications, or parts of applications, which called 'panes' -- as in parts of a window. A pane displays a data object of certain class using part of the window. They don't tile like window panes necessarily, but one pane can involve other panes to display objects related to the main object, in all kinds of creative ways. You can give the sub-pane a bit of HTML DOM element to work in, and the data object, and it does the rest. You can explicitly invoke a specific sub-pane, or you can just provide a DOM element to contain it, ask the pane system to pick the appropriate pane. It does this by calling each potential pane in order with the object, and asking whether it want to. Typically the pane chosen is the most specific pane, so typically a hand-written user interface will be chosen over a generic machine-generated one.

solid-ui - User Interface widgets and utilities for Solid

  •    Javascript

These are HTML5 widgets which connect to a solid store. Building blocks for solid-based apps. The level of support for this varies.