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debug - A tiny JavaScript debugging utility modelled after Node

  •    Javascript

A tiny JavaScript debugging utility modelled after Node.js core's debugging technique. Works in Node.js and web browsers.debug exposes a function; simply pass this function the name of your module, and it will return a decorated version of console.error for you to pass debug statements to. This will allow you to toggle the debug output for different parts of your module as well as the module as a whole.

Indium - A JavaScript development environment for Emacs

  •    Emacs

A JavaScript development environment for Emacs. Installation instruction and other documentation can be found on readthedocs.

mongo-aggregation-debugger - Debug MongoDb's aggregation framework and visualize what each stage of the pipeline outputs

  •    Javascript

It is pretty hard to understand why a specific aggregation query fails or doesn't output the right results since it can be pretty complex and go through a lot of stages before returning values. You give the debugger access to your instance of mongodb, and it creates a temporary collection in which it will run each stage of the aggregation query in series. The temporary database is dropped after each debug.

mare - a Lua 5.3 debugger

  •    Javascript

Check out the website mare.js.org for more information.

mare-runner - standalone mare distribution

  •    Shell

This project build a standalone mare distribution, it can run out-of-box, without install any dependencies. Checkout Github Release page, which are built by Travis CI, Download the zip for your OS.

rawkit - 🦊 Immediately Open Chrome DevTools when debugging Node.js apps

  •    Javascript

rawkit grabs the chrome inspector URL returned from the node --inspect command and immediately opens devtools. No more clicking, selecting, copying/pasting or navigating. Just run the command and jump into debugging. By default, running rawkit can detect any main script that's been defined in the current working directory's package.json and run that. It also will detect the version of Node.js you're running to determine whether or not to fallback to older debug APIs.

investigator - Interactive and asynchronous logging tool for Node

  •    Javascript

investigator uses a node based logging system. Log nodes (agents) can be nested to help organizing the different steps, synchronous or not, of the process. An agent is defined by its name and can be retrieved at any time in the scope of its parent agent. async agents are particular nodes which may be resolved or rejected to provide a feedback of their fulfillment.

cloud-code-samples - Code templates to make working with Kubernetes feel like editing and debugging local code

  •    CSharp

Building highly scalable applications with Kubernetes can be hard. Google Cloud Code extends your IDE so that you can continuously deploy to a cluster, edit and debug just like you were working with local code. Spend less time learning about configuration and management of your app - and spend more time to focus on writing and evolving your code. Code templates for easy Getting-Started experience with Google Cloud Code in Python, Java, Nodejs, Go and .NET Core. We support two IDEs: Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ.

jet - ✈️ Accelerate your React Native module development by testing inside NodeJS; mock-free and native test code free

  •    Javascript

WARNING: Jet (formerly Bridge) is currently a Proof of Concept, APIs and usage is likely to change by the first release version. This repo is in development and does not have a full release version yet. v0.1.0 is the latest stable version in it's current form - this works on Android & iOS on React Native ^0.56-57 and Detox ^9.0.1.