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rrule - JavaScript library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates.

  •    Javascript

Library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates.rrule.js supports recurrence rules as defined in the iCalendar RFC, with a few important differences. It is a partial port of the rrule module from the excellent python-dateutil library. On top of that, it supports parsing and serialization of recurrence rules from and to natural language.

maya - Datetimes for Humans™

  •    Python

Datetimes are very frustrating to work with in Python, especially when dealing with different locales on different systems. This library exists to make the simple things much easier, while admitting that time is an illusion (timezones doubly so). Datetimes should be interacted with via an API written for humans.

Chronology - Building a better date/time library for Swift

  •    Swift

Chronology is an attempt to build a better date and time API for Swift on top of the constructs provided by Foundation. Foundation.framework has one of the absolute best and most capable APIs available to any developer on any platform. However, it comes with a heavy price in the form of cognitive load. Too many developers do too many incorrect things. Over the years, Foundation has gained more and more convenience methods via the Calendar type, but fundamental issues remain.

date - 🗓 A library to help you work with dates in multiple languages, based on Carbon.

  •    PHP

This date library extends Carbon with multi-language support. Methods such as format, diffForHumans, parse, createFromFormat and the new timespan, will now be translated based on your locale.

Luxon - A library for working with dates and times in JS

  •    Javascript

Luxon is a library for working with dates and times in Javascript. It supports DateTime, Duration, and Interval types. It is Immutable, chainable and it can parse and formatting for common and custom formats.

globalize - A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverages the official Unicode CLDR JSON data

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for internationalization and localization that leverage the official Unicode CLDR JSON data. The library works both for the browser and as a Node.js module. Each language, and the countries that speak that language, have different expectations when it comes to how numbers (including currency and percentages) and dates should appear. Obviously, each language has different names for the days of the week and the months of the year. But they also have different expectations for the structure of dates, such as what order the day, month and year are in. In number formatting, not only does the character used to delineate number groupings and the decimal portion differ, but the placement of those characters differ as well.

time - Building a better date/time library for Swift

  •    Swift

Time is a Swift package that makes dealing with calendar values a natural and straight-forward process. Working with calendars can be extremely complicated and error-prone. Time solves these problems by clarifying concepts and restricting improper usage through type-safe APIs.

vue-hotel-datepicker - Vue date range picker component

  •    Vue

A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localisation support and more. The date format string.

biz - Time calculations using business hours.

  •    Ruby

Time calculations using business hours.Periods occurring on holidays are disregarded. Similarly, any segment of a period that overlaps with a break is treated as inactive.

Multiple-Dates-Picker-for-jQuery-UI - MDP is a little plugin that enables jQuery UI calendar to manage multiple dates

  •    HTML

This plugin extends the jQuery UI datepicker clendar, allowing to select more than one date, picking them one by one or by ranges relative to the clicked date. Take a look at some demos.

dateparse - GoLang Parse any date string without knowing format in advance.

  •    Go

Parse any date string without knowing format in advance. Uses a scanner to read bytes and use a state machine to find format. Much faster than shotgun based parse methods. See bench_test.go for performance comparison.Timezones The location your server is configured effects the results! See example or https://play.golang.org/p/IDHRalIyXh and last paragraph here https://golang.org/pkg/time/#Parse.

angular-json-calendar - :calendar: An Angular module that generates calendar data as a JSON object and/or HTML :muscle:

  •    Javascript

A calendar module that focuses on providing the data needed to construct a calendar without being constrained to specific styles and layouts.Over the span of a year and a half, I was part of three separate projects that needed a calendar component. Each time I searched through the popular calendar and date modules (and there are a lot) hoping to find something. I mean, who really wants to deal with date and time? Unfortunately, on each occasion, due to design or functional constraints each calendar module was knocked off the list of possibilities. Any time a calendar module supported advanced functionality it almost always came with explicit constraints on the markup and/or layout of the calendar.

node-yearrange - Node module for converting year range strings into usable dates.

  •    Javascript

A Node.js library for parsing year range strings and converting them into usable dates. This library is only designed to handle year ranges (all month/day information is discarded). Many more examples can be found in the test/date-tests.json file.

dateable - A date formatter and parser for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

A small library that provides a few very useful methods for displaying dates, including a formatter and a parser. If you want to include text in the formatting, you need to escape it with either ' or ".

dehumanize-date - Parse dates in all the formats humans like to use.

  •    Javascript

A simple function which takes a string as an argument and returns a string in the form yyyy-mm-dd. The second parameter contains options. You can set whether to use US-style short dates, you can change what 'now' is for input like 'yesterday', and you can change the cutoff for 2-digit years that determines whether a given two-digit year is in the 21st or 20th century.

disTime.js - converts UNIX-Timestamps to strings like " 5 days ago " in many languages

  •    Javascript

Test this code on the associated github page simonwaldherr.github.com/disTime.js/. Feel free to contact me via eMail or on Twitter. This software will be continually developed. Suggestions and tips are always welcome.

parseTime.js - convert strings like "five days ago" to an integer (with time in seconds)

  •    Javascript

Test this code on the associated github page simonwaldherr.github.com/parseTime.js/. you can request more features and date format types with the github issue tracker.

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