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lol_dba - lol_dba is a small package of rake tasks that scan your application models and displays a list of columns that probably should be indexed

  •    Ruby

lol_dba is a small package of rake tasks that scan your application models and displays a list of columns that probably should be indexed. Also, it can generate .sql migration scripts. Most of the initial code came from rails_indexes and migration_sql_generator. Then run one of the following commands...

phinx - PHP Database Migrations for Everyone

  •    PHP

Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app. In less than 5 minutes, you can install Phinx and create your first database migration. Phinx is just about migrations without all the bloat of a database ORM system or framework. Check out https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/phinx.html (EN, ZH) for the comprehensive documentation.

migrate - Issues for Prisma Migrate are now tracked at prisma/prisma

  •    TypeScript

Prisma Migrate is now in Preview. You can find the official documentation here and you can read the announcement here. Issues and feature requests for Prisma Migrate are now tracked at prisma/prisma. You can report issues or submit feature requests by creating new GitHub issues. This repository is archived and kept as read-only for historical purposes.

Ebean - ORM for Java / Kotlin

  •    Java

Ebean is fast and simple data access on the JVM. With Ebean it is very easy to insert, update, delete. There is no Session or EntityManager to manage, no merge/flush/attach/detach semantics. Ebean can profile the object graph use and use that to automatically optimise ORM queries such that they only fetch the required properties and minimises N + 1.

flask-restplus-server-example - Real-life RESTful server example on Flask-RESTplus

  •    Python

This project showcases my vision on how the RESTful API server should be implemented. I had to patch Flask-RESTplus (see flask_restplus_patched folder), so it can handle Marshmallow schemas and Webargs arguments.

tenanti - [Package] Multi-tenant Database Schema Manager for Laravel

  •    PHP

Tenanti allow you to manage multi-tenant data schema and migration manager for your Laravel application. And then run composer install to fetch the package.

Database Lab Engine - Thin database clones for faster development

  •    Go

The Database Lab Engine is an open-source experimentation platform for PostgreSQL databases. Instantly create full-size clones of your production database and use them to test your database migrations, optimize SQL, or deploy full-size staging apps.

Evolve - Database migration tool for .NET and .NET Core projects. Inspired by Flyway.

  •    CSharp

Database migration tool for .NET and .NET Core. Inspired by Flyway. Evolve is an easy migration tool that uses plain SQL scripts. Its purpose is to automate your database changes, and help keep those changes synchronized through all your environments and development teams. This makes it an ideal tool for continuous integration / delivery.

aerich - A database migrations tool for TortoiseORM, ready to production.

  •    Python

Aerich is a database migrations tool for Tortoise-ORM, which is like alembic for SQLAlchemy, or like Django ORM with it's own migration solution. If your Tortoise-ORM app is not the default models, you must specify the correct app via --app, e.g. aerich --app other_models init-db.

yii2-migration - Yii 2 Migration creator.

  •    PHP

Generates migration file based on the existing database table and previous migrations.Lists all the tables in the database.

slick-migration-api - Schema manipulation dialects and DSL for Slick

  •    Scala

Write typesafe and typo-safe database migrations, using your existing Slick table definitions. Artifacts are deployed to bintray and synchronized to JCenter, so add resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo to your build.

php-database-migration - Database Migration tool for PHP

  •    PHP

This is a full standalone PHP tool based on Symfony Console and inspired by the Rails database migration tool and MyBatis. It merges the functionality of the two tools and has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Just add it to your composer.json (don't forget to specify your bin directory) Warning, all migrate commands must be executed on your root folder like bin/migrate migrate:command...

play-scala-isolated-slick-example - Example Play Slick Project

  •    Scala

This project shows Play working with Slick. This project is configured to keep all the modules self-contained.

scala-forklift - Type-safe data migration tool for Slick, Git and beyond.

  •    Scala

Scala-Forklift helps manage and apply database migrations for your Scala project. Don't worry about keeping the Scala code and your database schema consistent. Our source code generator will have it generated for you.

flyway-docker - Official Flyway Docker images


This is the official repository for Flyway Command-line images. This will give you Flyway Command-line's usage instructions.

flyway-sbt - Flyway SBT plugin

  •    Scala

Welcome to the home for the sbt v1.x plugin for flyway. The user manual will tell you how to get started. This project is based on the original flyway-sbt that was in the flyway repository through version 4.2.1. Migrate your database using sbt flywayMigrate or clean it using sbt flywayClean.

phinx-migrations-generator - :honeybee: Migration Code Generator for Phinx

  •    PHP

Generate a migration by comparing your current database to your mapping information. Phinx cannot automatically generate migrations. Phinx creates "only" a class with empty up, down or change functions. You still have to write the migration manually.

micrate - Database migration tool written in Crystal

  •    Crystal

The Amber Team is currently working addressing Pending Issues, we will be notifying when a PR is ready for Community review. Micrate is a database migration tool written in Crystal.

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