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Tree - A basic but flexible tree data structure for php and a fluent tree builder implementation.

  •    PHP

In Tree you can find a basic but flexible tree data structure for php together with and an handful Builder class, that enables you to build tree in a fluent way. The Tree\Node\NodeInterface interface abstracts the concept of a tree node. In Tree a Node has essentially two things: a set of children (that implements the same NodeInterface interface) and a value.

indextree - Arena based tree 🌲 structure by using indices instead of reference counted pointers

  •    Rust

This arena tree structure is using just a single Vec and numerical identifiers (indices in the vector) instead of reference counted pointers. This means there is no RefCell and mutability is handled in a way much more idiomatic to Rust through unique (&mut) access to the arena. The tree can be sent or shared across threads like a Vec. This enables general multiprocessing support like parallel tree traversals.

triebeard - Radix trees in Rcpp and R

  •    C++

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Challenges - My solutions for random coding challenges :muscle:

  •    Python

My solutions for random coding challenges on the internet. Well known algorithms I implemented with Python.