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Coherence CE (Community Edition) is a free and open source edition of Oracle Coherence, first and market-leading in-memory data grid

  •    Java

Coherence CE (Community Edition) is a free and open source edition of Oracle Coherence, first and market-leading in-memory data grid. It has been used by hundreds of customers across many industries to power some of the mission critical systems you use every day. Coherence clusters can easily scale to hundreds of members (JVMs), all of which can both store and process the data. It can optionally persist data to disk (either local or shared), which prevents data loss even in the case of complete cluster outage.

Zenko - Multi-Cloud Data Controller

  •    Javascript

Zenko is Scality’s Open Source Multi-Cloud Data Controller.Zenko's goal is to provide a unifed namespace, access API and search capabilities to data stored locally using Docker volumes or Scality RING or in public cloud storage services like Amazon S3, or Microsoft Azure Blob storage.

Quilt - Data Engineering Infrastructure

  •    Python

With Quilt you can build, push, and install data packages. Data packages are versioned, reusable data structures that can be loaded into Python. Quilt is designed to support reproducible, auditable, and compliant workflows. Quilt consists of three source-level components data catalog, data registry and data compiler.

Sharepoint Data Store


This is a small library that lets SharePoint developers store and manage custom application information in SharePoint.

Generic Data Storage Component for .Net


This component allows you to save data objects by its XML-Serialization easily in generic data storages (e.g. XML-File, SQL Server database ...)

JLD.jl - Saving and loading julia variables while preserving native types

  •    Julia

JLD, for which files conventionally have the extension .jld, is a widely-used format for data storage with the Julia programming language. JLD is a specific "dialect" of HDF5, a cross-platform, multi-language data storage format most frequently used for scientific data. By comparison with "plain" HDF5, JLD files automatically add attributes and naming conventions to preserve type information for each object. For lossless storage of arbitrary Julia objects, the only other complete solution appears to be Julia's serializer, which can be accessed via the serialize and deserialize commands. However, because the serializer is also used for inter-process communication, long-term backwards compatibility is currently uncertain. (The JLDArchives package exists to test compatibility of older JLD file formats.) If you choose to save data using the serializer, please use the file extension .jls to distinguish the files from .jld files.

rdrop2 - Dropbox Interface from R

  •    R

This package provides programmatic access to Dropbox from R. The functions in this package provide access to a full suite of file operations, including dir/copy/move/delete operations, account information and the ability to upload and download files from any Dropbox account. You can also do this for any other file type and large files are supported regardless of your memory.

vasern - Vasern is an open source data storage for React Native, focus on performance, consistency and friendly to developers

  •    C++

Vasern is a data storage for React Native, focus on performance, and consistency (previous npm package located at vase-dev). With a goal is to develop an open source, developer friendly end-to-end database sync solution. Subscribe to vasern-server to follow vasern's server releases. Important note: Vasern is currently available on iOS under alpha version, which expects breaking changes and improvements.

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