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explorer - Data Explorer by Keen IO - point-and-click interface for analyzing and visualizing event data

  •    Javascript

Check out the demo here. The Keen IO Explorer is an open source point-and-click interface for querying and visualizing your event data. It's maintained by the team at Keen IO. If you haven’t done so already, login to Keen IO to create a project for your app. You'll need a Keen IO account to create a project. The Project ID and API Keys are available on the Project Overview page. You will need these for the next steps.

data-analytics-machine-learning-big-data - Slides, code and more for my class: Data Analytics and Machine Learning on Big Data

  •    Jupyter

If you want to install and run everything on your computer, here are the best tutorials I've found for getting Python and Spark running on your computer. In order to visualize the decision trees in Jupyter, you will need to install Graphviz as well as the Python package.

DataExplorer - R package to simplify Exploratory Data Analysis

  •    R

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is the initial and an important phase of data analysis. Through this phase, analysts/modelers will have a first look of the data, and thus generate relevant hypothesis and decide next steps. However, the EDA process could be a hassle at times. This R package aims to automate most of data handling and visualization, so that users could focus on studying the data and extracting insights. The package can be installed directly from CRAN.

bcnnow - Light, personalized, interactive dashboards for urban data exploration.

  •    CSS

This is an environment which enables citizens to create and explore interactive visualizations of city-related data and arrange them into dashboards. The solution offers customization capabilities to different user-defined exploration scenarios and techniques according to specific needs and goals. The back-end data aggregator and manipulator built upon state-of-the-art technologies provides normalized access to heterogeneous data. On top of it, the front-end interface allows users to create and combine visualizations, get insights out of the data and share them with others, fostering data-driven public awareness. Ready to install BarcelonaNow's environment? Here's how to get started on Linux.

cultivar - Multidimensional data explorer and visualization tool.

  •    HTML

Multidimensional data explorer and visualization tool. This is a dataset management and visualization tool that is being built as part of the DDL Multidimensional Visualization Research Lab. See: Parallel Coordinates for more on the types of visualizations we're experimenting with.

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