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neon-workshop - A Pachyderm deep learning tutorial for conference workshops

  •    Python

This workshop focuses on building a production scale machine learning pipeline with Pachyderm that integrates Nervana Neon training and inference. In particular, this pipeline trains and utilizes a model that predicts the sentiment of movie reviews, based on data from IMDB. Finally, we provide some Resources for you for further exploration.

cauldron - The Unnotebook: A Production-Ready Data Environment Built for DataOps Workflows

  •    Python

which must be executed in the root project directory of your local copy of Cauldron. Cauldron can be used as either through its Command Line Interface (CLI) or with the Cauldron desktop application. For more information about the desktop application visit http://www.unnotebook.com where you can find the download links and documentation. The rest of this README describes using Cauldron directly from the command line.

Learn-Something-Every-Day - 📝 A compilation of everything that I learn; Computer Science, Software Development, Engineering, Math, and Coding in General

  •    CSS

I take a lot of summary notes here, but I will often also put my learnings into an anki deck which is a wonderful way to do spaced repetition learning for long term retention. Taking summary notes in combination with some form of active recollection has worked really well for me and would be my recommendation to anyone looking to always be learning in this fast changing industry. Write notes in Markdown with embedded LaTeX. When you push to develop, get CircleCI to render HTML pages using a small Ruby script and Pandoc, and then push the results to a Github Pages branch. The website build process is based on work by @davepagurek.