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ralph - Ralph is an asset management system for your data center and back office.

  •    Python

Ralph is full-featured Asset Management, DCIM and CMDB system for data center and back office.It is an Open Source project provided on Apache v2.0 License.

Calico - A pure layer 3 approach for Virtual Networking for highly scalable data centers

  •    Python

Project Calico represents a new approach to virtual networking, based on the same scalable IP networking principles as the Internet. Unlike other virtual networking approaches, Calico does not use overlays, instead providing a pure Layer 3 approach to data center networking. Calico is simple to deploy and diagnose, provides a rich security policy, supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and can be used across a combination of bare-metal, VM and container workloads.

obspy - ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories.

  •    Python

ObsPy is an open-source project dedicated to provide a Python framework for processing seismological data. It provides parsers for common file formats, clients to access data centers and seismological signal processing routines which allow the manipulation of seismological time series (see Beyreuther et al. 2010, Megies et al. 2011, Krischer et al. 2015). The goal of the ObsPy project is to facilitate rapid application development for seismology.

debops - DebOps - Your Debian-based data center in a box

  •    Shell

The DebOps project provides a set of general-purpose Ansible roles that can be used to manage Debian or Ubuntu hosts. In addition, a default set of Ansible playbooks can be used to apply the provided roles in a controlled way, using Ansible inventory groups. The roles are written with a high customization in mind, which can be done using Ansible inventory. This way the role and playbook code can be shared between multiple environments, with different configuration in to each one.

azure-dockerdatacenter - **Not Maintained for now** :star: :whale2: :penguin: Azure Docker DataCenter Templates for the to-be GAed (Now GAed) Docker DataCenter with ucp:2

  •    Shell

Patches can be submitted as GitHub pull requests. If using GitHub please make sure your branch applies to the current master as a 'fast forward' merge (i.e. without creating a merge commit). Use the git rebase command to update your branch to the current master if necessary. OMS Setup is optional and the OMS Workspace Id and OMS Workspace Key can either be kept blank or populated post the steps below.

addon-lxdone - Allows OpenNebula to manage Linux Containers via LXD

  •    Python

LXDoNe is an addon for OpenNebula to manage LXD Containers. It fits in the Virtualization and Monitorization Driver section according to OpenNebula's Architecture. It uses the pylxd API for several container tasks. This addon is the continuation of LXCoNe, an addon for LXC. Check the blog entry in OpenNebula official site. LXD is a daemon which provides a REST API to drive LXC containers. Containers are lightweight OS-level Virtualization instances, they behave like Virtual Machines but don't suffer from hardware emulation processing penalties by sharing the kernel with the host. They run bare-metal-like, simple containers can boot up in 2 seconds consuming less than 32MB of RAM and a minimal fraction of a CPU Core. Check out this performance comparison against KVM if you don't know much about LXD.

ericsson-hds-agent - Open Source HDS Agent

  •    Go

Ericsson HDS (Hyperscale Datacenter Systems) Agent is a Linux based program designed to run on any Linux System. It collects an inventory of the host machine's hardware inventory and runtime system metrics. It is composed of many built-in collectors, formatters and a forwarder. The agent uses various Linux commands to collect inventory data from the host machine. Please refer to the documentation in docs folder for more details.

data-center-helm-charts - Helm charts for Atlassian's Data Center products

  •    Java

This project contains Helm charts for installing Atlassian's Jira Data Center, Confluence Data Center, and Bitbucket Data Center on Kubernetes. Use the charts to install and operate Data Center products within a Kubernetes cluster of your choice. It can be a managed environment, such as Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, or a custom on-premise system.

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