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curvejs - Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas - 魔幻线条

  •    Javascript

Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas. In this motion directory, there are already some built-in motion. you can submit your motion and then create a pull request to the project.

latino - A dance training manage system based on NodeJS、Express Web Framework、Jade、Markdown and MongoDB, etc

  •    Javascript

This's a dance training manage system based on NodeJS、Express Web Framework、Jade、MongoDB、MongoSkin and Nodemailer, etc..The web application is built for dancers of Alibaba and the goal is mainly focused on dance course signing up management. Notice:The life cycle status changing of courses should satisfy their pre-conditions, for example: Waiting courses can't change to Quit directly, but to cancelled is ok. And only the Waiting or QuitApplied courses could be changed to Approved, but approved ones can not change to waiting directly, only the quitApplied course could be changed to quit after refunding, and so on.

danser-go - Dancing visualizer of osu! maps and custom osu! client written in Go. (abandoned)

  •    Go

danser is a visualiser for osu! maps written in Go. Application is in dev phase so only few things work. But if you want to test it, you should follow steps at the end of this readme.

das - Dancesport Application System: ballroom dance competition management system

  •    Go

Web services for Dancesport Application System (DAS). DAS is an open-source competition management system for competitive ballroom dance. This project (along with dasdb and das-frontend) aims to provide the dancesport community an open and secure implementation of competition management system.

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