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icmpmon - A simple ICMP monitor with web interface.

  •    Javascript

A simple ICMP monitor with web interface. Prebuilt files are in the Releases section.

nac - A simple process / app control and monitoring daemon written in node

  •    Javascript

The nacfile allows you to specify many other things about the process, such as arguments, environment variable configuration, working directory, custom scripts etc. nac remembers your apps and will restart them the next time its started.

whatpulse - WhatPulse reverse engineered

  •    Python

Reverse engineering WhatPulse Client API protocol. The reverse engineering has been done using mitmproxy. The captures can be found in caps directory. All results have been thoroughly documented in API.md.

LogMonitor - Monitoring log files on windows systems.

  •    CSharp

LogMonitor is a combination of logtail and logster, but specifically designed for windows systems. It watches directories or files for changes, extracts metrics from the added content and submits these metrics to a configured backend (graphite, statsd or console). Extracting metrics from added content is done by PowerShell scripts, which can be created or customized at will.

riemann-sumd - Agent for scheduling event generating processes and sending the results to Riemann

  •    Python

Riemann-sumd is an agent for scheduling 'tasks', such as commands that conform to the Nagios plugin interface, and sending the results to Riemann. There are multiple task interfaces, such as the Nagios plugin interface, a JSON interface over stdout, and a JSON interface from arbitrary URLs. While configuring my Riemann install, I noticed that the already-built clients were single-purpose daemons that sent their own events to Riemann. To operationalize such a thing, I'd have to deploy and monitor and maintain a fleet of little processes, which I was not interested in doing. In addition, I'd have to create additional little monitoring daemons that reproduce this functionality.

instrumentald - Instrumental System and Service Daemon

  •    HTML

Instrumental is an application monitoring platform built for developers who want a better understanding of their production software. Powerful tools, like the Instrumental Query Language, combined with an exploration-focused interface allow you to get real answers to complex questions, in real-time. InstrumentalD is a server agent that provides system monitoring and service monitoring. It's fast, reliable, runs on anything *nix, is simple to configure and deploy, and has a small memory footprint.