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xstream - An extremely intuitive, small, and fast functional reactive stream library for JavaScript

  •    TypeScript

To keep the core of xstream small and simple, less frequently-used methods are available under the xstream/extra directory, and must be imported separately. See EXTRA_DOCS for documentation. XStream has four fundamental types: Stream, Listener, Producer, and MemoryStream.

Cyclejs - A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for predictable code

  •    Typescript

Functional enables “predictable” code, and Reactive enables “separated” code. Cycle.js apps are made of pure functions, which means you know they only take inputs and generate predictable outputs, without performing any I/O effects. The building blocks are reactive streams from libraries like xstream, RxJS or Most.js, which greatly simplify code related to events, asynchrony, and errors.

redux-cycles - Bring functional reactive programming to Redux using Cycle.js

  •    Javascript

Handle redux async actions using Cycle.js. Then use createCycleMiddleware() which returns the redux middleware function with two driver factories attached: makeActionDriver() and makeStateDriver(). Use them when you call the Cycle run function (can be installed via npm install --save @cycle/run).

cycle-onionify - Fractal state management for Cycle.js apps

  •    Javascript

Augments your Cycle.js main function with onion-shaped state management and a single state atom. A fractal state management tool for Cycle.js applications. onionify creates a wrapped main function, where the wrapped result will have a top-level state stream, and will pass that down to the actual main function. Onionify is a component wrapper, not a driver. This way, your application state won't live in a driver, because the wrapped main is still just a Cycle.js app that can be given to Cycle.run.

cycle-router5 - A router driver for Cycle.js, wrapping the router5 library

  •    Javascript

A source/sink router driver for Cycle.js, based on router5. See the router5 documentation to learn how router5 works. See the Cycle.js documentation to learn how Cycle and its driver system works.

grox - Grox helps to maintain the state of Java / Android apps.

  •    Java

Grox helps to maintain the state of Java / Android apps. We have a nice video to explain how the Grox sample app works.

cycle-deepstream - Cycle.js driver for deepstream.io

  •    TypeScript

A Cycle.js driver for the deepstream.io javascript client. Allows realtime communication between multiple clients and your cluster of deepstream servers. A self-hosted firebase replacement.

pomocycle - A simple Pomodoro timer built with Cycle.js and RxJS.

  •    Javascript

A simple Pomodoro timer built with Cycle.js and RxJS. Check the demo here.

cyclejs-animated-localstorage - A Cycle.js driver for animating (srsly) localStorage.

  •    Javascript

A Cycle.js driver for animating (srsly) localStorage. The makeAnimatedLocalStorageDriver function takes one parameter - the options object.

cycle-fire - A Firebase driver for Cycle.js

  •    TypeScript

A Firebase driver for Cycle.js. Write effects to the connected Firebase database are requested by calling an action generator—a function defined on the firebaseActions object—and passed to the firebase sink.

node-rx-cycle - Example using RxJS and Cycle

  •    Javascript

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work. Spread the word: tweet, star on github, etc.

stanga - The essential Cycling gear every Cyclist needs

  •    Javascript

The essential Cycling gear every Cyclist needs. Crafted with care. For easier rides. Cycle.js does great job when the application is simple. However, when the application complexity grows, trivial things become non-trivial very quickly. The tutorials and examples don't have any common patterns or best practices to deal with these complex situations and developers are by their own. The goal of this library is to provide some tried-and-tested, "battle-proven" utilities to solve these problems so that you can focus on building your Cycle application.

babel-plugin-cycle-circular - Babel plugin allowing to have circular dependencies in cycle

  •    Javascript

will just work. This is experimented feature - try and see if it fits your needs, if something wrong or it doesn't cover you usage scenarios just create an issue and we'll try to fix it.

cycle-async-driver - Factory for creating async request/response cycle.js drivers

  •    Javascript

Higher order factory for creating cycle.js async request/response drivers. Notice that API of version 2.x has significantly changed since 1.x, which where using rxjs4 and has some excessive features that where removed in 2.x.

cycle-hmr - :fire: Hot module replacement for Cycle.js.

  •    Javascript

🔥 Hot reloading of cycle.js dataflows without need of restarting your app. cycle-hmr utilizes "standard" HMR approach - replacing internals of existing instances with newly updated versions on the fly. It is achieved by proxying cycle components (like it is done for example in React Hot Reloader). In cycle.js application components are pure functions that output sink streams, that makes it quite straightforward to transparently and safely extend them. When updated version of module with cyclic functions arrives (using some hot reload technique) we replace components while their runtime keeping the rest application parts not touched (though of course injection of updated components potentially my cause some "unexpected" effects).

cycle-mongoose - Mongoose.js driver for Cycle.js.

  •    Javascript

Mongoose.js driver for Cycle.js. Tested and ready. For other query methods see tests.

cycle-proxy - Circular proxy for Cycle.js.

  •    TypeScript

Create imitating proxy and circular dataflows in your cycle.js apps. This helper allows to create a stream which can attach to other stream and emmit target stream values. Like imitate in xstream.

culli - Cycle Utility Libraries for clean, well-structured and concise code

  •    Javascript

I've used CycleJS for a while now. Although CycleJS has some very good ideas and practices, I've noticed that the current architectural decisions and solutions of Cycle apps can't respond to the complex requirements that I face every day in my work. I've also followed Cycle's Gitter channel quite intensively and noticed that I'm not the only one having these issues. That's why I'm releasing this collection of Cycle utility libraries: their goal is to provide some well-thought and battle-proven architectural choices I've succesfully used when building web applications (in personal and commercial projects). I hope by releasing these utility libraries, also other people can enjoy the results of my findings and hopefully give some new ideas that can added to these utilities.

cycle-ecosystem - What are the most popular and trending libraries for Cycle

  •    Javascript

Auto generated by update.js by searching Github. If you spot an entry that doesn't look related to Cycle.js, it would be awesome if you make a pull request that adds the repo name to irrelevant-repos.txt.