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document-register-element - A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification

  •    Javascript

A stand-alone lightweight version of Custom Elements V1 based on top, and compatible with, the battle-tested Custom Elements V0, already used in production with projects such Google AMP HTML ⚡ and others. If you specify noBuiltIn property as true, the V1 API will be polyfilled where needed, but no extra checks and patches will be applied to make custom elements built-in working, since no browser is currently shipping this part of the specification.

custom-elements - A polyfill for HTML Custom Elements v1

  •    Javascript

A polyfill for the custom elements v1 spec. API which might trigger custom element reactions in the DOM and HTML specifications are marked with the CEReactions extended attribute.

golymer - Web components with golang (gopherjs)

  •    Go

With golymer you can create your own HTML custom elements, just by registering a go struct. The content of the shadowDOM has automatic data bindings to the struct fields. Read an blog post. The struct name, in CamelCase, is converted to the kebab-case. Because html custom elements must have at least one dash in the name, the struct name must also have at least one "hump" in the camel case name. (MyElem -> my-elem). So, for example, an struct named Foo will not be defined and the Define function will return an error.

bondo - A nano framework for Web Components utilizing Virtual-DOM

  •    Javascript

Just a little glue between Custom Elements and Virtual-DOM. Then use it like you would any other HTML element.

web-components-loader - Webpack loader that makes it incredibly easy to import HTML-centric Web Components into your project

  •    Javascript

A Webpack loader that makes it incredibly easy to import HTML-centric Web Components into your project. Importing a Web Component that consists of a single JavaScript file isn't particularly difficult, but what about Web Components that require HTML imports which themselves import various other JavaScript, CSS, and other HTML files? This is more more complicated, and, before web-components-loader, involved a lot of manual intervention.

dna - Evolution-based components.

  •    Javascript

Evolution-based components. Components are built using the same syntax of W3C Custom Elements specifications.

superviews.js - Template engine targeting incremental-dom

  •    Javascript

On the server superviews.js is used as a template engine for google's incremental-dom. NEW! Using hyperapp? Try hyperviews. The same declarative template language as superviews.js but for hyperapp.

redux-connect-element - Redux HTMLElement Connector

  •    TypeScript

Connect Redux to vanilla HTMLElement (or LitElement) instances, based on this gist by Kevin Schaaf. Typescript friendly.

svelte-custom-elements - Turn Svelte components into web components

  •    Javascript

Register Svelte components as custom elements. Install svelte-custom-elements to your project...