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baobab - JavaScript persistent and optionally immutable data tree with cursors.

  •    Javascript

Baobab is a JavaScript persistent and immutable (at least by default) data tree supporting cursors and enabling developers to easily navigate and monitor nested data through events. It is mainly inspired by functional zippers (such as Clojure's ones) and by Om's cursors.

kotlin-cursor - Kotlin Annotation Processor to generate fromCursor and toContentValues of data classes

  •    Kotlin

An annotation processor that generates extension functions to convert Kotlin data classes to ContentValues and from Cursor. Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.

css-cursors - CSS module for setting the cursor property

  •    CSS

The built css is located in the css directory. It contains an unminified and minified version. You can either cut and paste that css or link to it directly in your html. The source css files can be found in the src directory. Running $ npm start will process the source css and place the built css in the css directory.

cursors - All available cursors


All available cursors. See here. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

quill-sharedb-cursors - Collaborative editing with multi cursors sync using Quill and ShareDB.

  •    Javascript

An attempt at multi cursors sync in a collaborative editing scenario using Quill, a ShareDB backend, and the reedsy/quill-cursors Quill module. For more info on each component, check their pages/repositories. Built by pedrosanta at Reedsy.

relay-cursor-paging - Relay Cursor-Based Pagination Support for Sequelize

  •    Javascript

getPagingParameters(args): Emits an object with limit and criteria fields based on Relay's pagination fields (e.g. first, after, last, and before). pageable(argSpec): Emits an augmented Argument Specification with first, after, before, and last arguments.

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