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Jalpc - ๐ŸŽJalpc -- A flexible Jekyll theme, 3 steps to build your website.

  •    CSS

This is a simple, beautiful and swift theme for Jekyll. It's mobile first, fluidly responsive, and delightfully lightweight. If you're completely new to Jekyll, I recommend checking out the documentation at http://jekyllrb.com or there's a tutorial by Smashing Magazine.

markdown-cv - a simple template to write your CV in a readable markdown file and use CSS to publish/print it

  •    CSS

A curriculum vitae maintained in plain text and rendered to html and pdf using CSS. For more details see the project page or the blog post on why I switched to markdown for my CV.

biteydown - Convert your curriculum vitae in markdown syntax to HTML or PDF file.

  •    Ruby

Convert your curriculum vitae in Markdown syntax to HTML or PDF file. You can customize the look and feel of text and headings in your document using the style/style.css file or a custom CSS file. First is transformed the Markdown document to HTML file and then apply the style. It's a little bit hacky, but works fine.

awesome-libraries - :sunglasses: Libraries that are being shown in Sourcerer profiles.

  •    Javascript

Sourcerer is looking to understand engineer's work from source code, and connect engineers via expertise. An important part of our effort is analysis of library use. This repository maintains list of libraries that Sourcerer recognizes. If you have a minute, please make a PR that adds your favorite libraries. Our community will appreciate it. Sourcerer analyses commits in a variety of ways. It detects programming languages, uses various heuristics to discover interesting facts about an engineer, looks into team work, and so on. What Sourcerer finds can be easily seen in a Sourcerer profile, for example https://sourcerer.io/adnanrahic or https://sourcerer.io/sergey . A big part of what Sourcerer does is library analysis. For every line of code that Sourcerer looks at, it runs a machine learning algorithm that detects if this line uses any particular library. It allows to present library stats, but it also tells Sourcerer a lot about the purpose of the code. For instance, if it sees you you use node.js a lot, you probably do web developemnt work. Similarly, tensorflow use points to neural networks, etc.

cv - ๐Ÿ“„ Curriculum Vitae


Freelance / contract projects. Open source libraries, tutorials, boilerplates, opinionated frameworks and more. Conceptualize, assess, design, develop, test Web and Mobile applications using primarily Linux, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, NodeJS (using frameworks such as ExpressJS), PHP (using frameworks such as Symfony2, Laravel 5) Javascript (using frameworks/libraries such as React, Redux, JQuery, AngularJS, etc) CSS/3, HTML/5, UI frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery UI, MaterializeCSS. Tools such as Teamwork, Slack, JIRA, Invision, Adobe Photoshop, etc. with Agile Methodologies.

TwentySecondsCurriculumVitae-LaTex - Write Beautiful Curriculum Vitae in LaTex, that ensures twenty seconds reading

  •    TeX

A curriculum vitae, otherwise known as a CV or résumé, is a document used by individuals to communicate their work history, education and skill set. This is a style template for your curriculum written in LaTex. The main goal of this template is to provide a curriculum that is able to survive to the résumés screening of "twenty seconds". The author assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided and for the obtained résumés.

CS-Books - A list of textbooks for a Computer Science curriculum.


This repository was created to maintain a comprehensive list of textbooks and useful references for a Computer Science and Engineering Curriculum. In case you wish to contribute, please go through the contributing guidelines. The current default branch is dev whereas master will eventually contain a complete curriculum. Being an avid book reader, I have found it absurdly difficult to find a comprehensive list of textbooks to use for reference and/or self learning. I have, therefore, set out to create and share it for all who wish to find the same. I have also linked courses that I could find across the web so that one may find a relevant guide to the particular topic. All linked course pages often have one or more additional references should the reader wish to explore the topic in greater depth. This list is by no means comprehensive, though it is an eventual target. There are also video lectures of many courses which are better located at cs-video-courses.

tccv - Two columns curriculum vitae

  •    TeX

tccv (two columns curriculum vitae) is a LaTeX class inspired by the template found at latextemplates by Alessandro Plasmati. You can download the zipped tarball that includes a couple of examples or pick only the relevant LaTeX class.

AHSparks_CV - Adam H Sparks's current curriculum vitae

  •    TeX

My CV is based on JooYoung Seo's Academic CV, https://github.com/jooyoungseo/jy_CV, which is based on the vitae package with modifications. I have modified the colours and sections to suit myself and use CSV files in lieu of XLSX to track changes in Git.

resume - My resume, curriculum-vitae.

  •    CSS

Automatic proofreading with textlint. It is also automatically executed when pre-commit by husky. proofreading rules are set with .textlintrc.

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