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fixer - A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API

  •    Ruby

We are happy to announce the complete relaunch of fixer.io into a more stable, more secure, and much more advanced currency & exchange rate conversion API platform. While the core structure of our API remains unchanged, all users of the legacy Fixer API will be required to sign up for a free API access key and perform a few simple changes to their integration. To learn more about the changes that are required, please jump to the „Required Changes“ section below. As of March 6th 2018, the legacy Fixer API (api.fixer.io) is deprecated and a completely re-engineered API is now accessible at https://data.fixer.io/api/ The core structure of the old API has remained unchanged, and you will only need to perform a few simple changes to your integration.

fixer.io - A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API

  •    Ruby

Fixer.io is a free JSON API for current and historical foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank.The rates are updated daily around 4PM CET.

Countries - Countries, Languages & Continents data (capital and currency, native name, calling codes)

  •    Javascript

Continents & countries: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, name, ISO 639-1 languages, capital and currency, native name, calling codes. Lists are available in JSON, CSV and SQL formats. Also, contains separate JSON files with additional country Emoji flags data. This version changes a lot in the data structures, and placement of the files. So, if your projects depend on the old structure — specify previous versions, <2.0.0.

alfred-convert - Convert between different units in Alfred

  •    Python

Convert between different units offline in Alfred 2 & 3. Alfred-Convert uses a built-in library for lightning-fast conversions.

latinum - Latinum is a framework for resource and currency calculations.

  •    Ruby

Latinum is a library for resource and currency calculations. It provides immutable Resource objects for dealing with quantities of named resources with an arbitrary number of decimal places, and Bank objects for converting resources and formatting them for output. Latinum doesn't include any global state by default and thus is ideal for integration with other frameworks/libraries. I was originally planning on using the Money gem, but it's dependency on global state makes it hard to use if you want to deal with money as an immutable value type.

exchange - Php script works with currenries.

  •    PHP

Exchange is PHP script works with currencies. You can convert price, format add VAT or only render exchange rates. Dependency on Nette framework was removed, If you want, follow this extension. Minimal php is 5.5+. Api is changed, not compatible with older version.

MPNumericTextField - A class that extends UITextField to input numbers, percentages and currencies.

  •    Objective-C

MPNumericTextField is a class that extends the basic UITextField to make you easily input formatted numbers in a text field. It correctly handles decimal numbers, integer numbers, percentages and currency values, using either the current locale or a manually provided one.

django-prices - Django fields for the prices module

  •    Python

Note: for template tags to work, you need to add django_prices to your INSTALLED_APPS.

django-prices-openexchangerates - openexchangerates.org support for django-prices

  •    Python

The exchange_currency supports Money, TaxedMoney, MoneyRange and TaxedMoneyRange. Then add 'django_prices_openexchangerates' to your INSTALLED_APPS.

CLDR - Internationalize your application using Unicode's CLDR

  •    PHP

The package targets the CLDR version 26, from which data is retrieved when required. The CLDR is represented by a Repository instance, from which data is accessed. When required, data is retrieved through a provider. The included provider reads from the online JSON distribution, and—in order to avoid hitting the web with every request—a collection of providers is used, each with its own caching strategies.

currency-codes - Node.js module to work with currency codes based on ISO 4217

  •    Javascript

A node.js module to list and work on currency codes based on the ISO 4217 standard.

GoCurrency - Simple currency converter

  •    Go

GoCurrency is a Go program made on the top of Kund Nu Currency Converter API. The GoCurrency's goal is to be a perfect tool providing a stupidly easy-to-use and fast program to convert values between currencies.

cryptocurrencies_graphs - Graphical representation of the values of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Nasdaq.

  •    Ruby

It assumes you have a machine equipped with Ruby, Postgres, etc. If not, set up your machine with this script. Use the following guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.

arbolito - A currency conversion api for the minimalist developer

  •    Ruby

Arbolito is a minimalist Ruby API for currency conversions, it has no dependencies except the Ruby Standard Library. There were two reason why I've developed this gem.

goexrates - A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API

  •    Go

A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API. Golang implementation of fixer.io (Ruby). Data from European Central Bank API. The rates are updated daily around 4PM CET.

django-prices-vatlayer - Vatlayer API support for django-prices

  •    Python

Lastly, run manage.py migrate to create new tables in your database and manage.py get_vat_rates to populate them with initial data. Because HTTPS is unavailable in the free vatlayer plan, django-prices-vatlayer uses the unsafe HTTP connection by default.

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