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neurocurator - Desktop application (GUI) to perform systematic and collaborative curation of neuroscientific literature

  •    Python

Desktop application to perform systematic and collaborative curation of neuroscientific literature. This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Python package NeuroAnnotation Toolbox (NAT).

civic-meeting - Repo for advertising and organizing CIViC hackathon/meeting activities


This repository is being used to organize pre-meeting suggestions for the CIViC Variation Curation Jamboree and Hackathon, taking place before the ASHG annual meeting. Hosted at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, October 15-16, 2018, the Jamboree/Hackathon will focus on further development of CIViC, an open access, open source, community-driven web resource for Clinical Interpretations of Variants in Cancer. Molecular biologists, Pathologists and Oncologists (certified or in training), and genome scientists interested in the problem of sequence variant interpretation for cancer precision medicine should submit topics for the Curation. To propose a curation topic, visit the Issues page.

afra - Genome Annotation for the Masses

  •    Javascript

Genomes of emerging model organisms are now being sequenced at low cost. However, obtaining accurate gene predictions remains challenging. Even the best gene prediction algorithms make substantial errors, leading to further erroneous analysis. Therefore, many predicted genes need to be visually inspected and manually curated (Yandell & Ence); this can be infeasible when working with thousands of genes from multiple organisms. Inspired by crowdsourcing approaches and platforms including Foldit, Galaxy Zoo and Crowdflower, we are developing Afra to recruit additional gene feature curators. This should help dramatically increase the quality of gene curations available for newly sequenced genomes. In the long-term we aim to recruit contributors among members of the general public. However, gene curation requires large amounts of specialist knowledge and overcoming a steep learning curve. While we are working to reduce the steepness of the learning curve via interactive tutorials and support forums, genome curation is not yet easily accessible to all. Thus in a first instance we are recruiting curators among biology students. They perform curations as part of their courses aiming to understand gene structure and/or challenges with gene identification and gene prediction.

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