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floki - Floki is a simple HTML parser that enables search for nodes using CSS selectors.

  •    Elixir

Floki is a simple HTML parser that enables search for nodes using CSS selectors. Check the documentation.

css-selector - The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions.

  •    PHP

The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions. This component is a port of the Python cssselect library v0.7.1, which is distributed under the BSD license.

Sizzle - JavaScript CSS selector engine

  •    Javascript

Sizzle is a pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine designed to be easily dropped in to a host library. It has CSS 3 Selector support. It is designed for optimal performance with event delegation.

surgeon - Declarative DOM extraction expression evaluator. 👨‍⚕️

  •    Javascript

Declarative DOM extraction expression evaluator. Powerful, succinct, composable, extendable, declarative API.

modest - CSS selectors for HTML5 Parser myhtml

  •    Crystal

CSS selectors for HTML5 Parser myhtml (Crystal wrapper for https://github.com/lexborisov/Modest).

css-select - a CSS selector compiler & engine

  •    Javascript

css-select turns CSS selectors into functions that tests if elements match them. When searching for elements, testing is executed "from the top", similar to how browsers execute CSS selectors. In its default configuration, css-select queries the DOM structure of the domhandler module (also known as htmlparser2 DOM). It uses domutils as its default adapter over the DOM structure. See Options below for details on querying alternative DOM structures.

node-cornet - transform streaming html using css selectors

  •    Javascript

This project is demonstrating how to use a couple of my libraries to replace substack/node-trumpet in just a couple of LOC. Please note that callbacks are fired as soon as an element was retrieved. That means that no content past the element will be available, so cheerio won't find anything, and, as the element is at this time the last child of it's parent, selectors like :nth-last-child won't work as expected.

simmerjs - A pure Javascript reverse CSS selector engine which calculates a DOM element's unique CSS selector on the current page

  •    Javascript

For the first time in 6 years I'm actually taking back ownership of this code, cleaning it up, refactoring etc. The API is likely to change in the near future, along with a Major Version bump, so if you're taking an interest in it - talk to me. A pure Javascript reverse CSS selector engine which calculates a DOM element's unique CSS selector on the current page.

CDom - Simple HTML/XML/BBCode DOM component for PHP.

  •    PHP

CDom is a simple HTML/XML/BBCode DOM component. It provides a parser for HTML-like markup language in the DOM-like structure and support searching through the DOM with full strength of CSS3 selectors and any manipulations. CDom is based on PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser and licensed under the MIT License. CDom use is very simple. Most of the methods match the jQuery's ones. All methods are detail commented. Your IDE can easy show autocompletion, if support PHPDoc. And you can see examples of using below. Full documentation will be soon.

tq - Perform a lookup by CSS selector on an HTML input

  •    Python

tq is command line utility that performs an HTML element selection on HTML content passed to the stdin. Using css selectors that everybody knows. Since input comes from stdin and output is sent to stdout. It can easily be used inside traditional UNIX pipelines to extract content from webpages and html files.

nth-check - performant nth-check parser & compiler

  •    Javascript

A performant nth-check parser & compiler. This module can be used to parse & compile nth-checks, as they are found in CSS 3's nth-child() and nth-last-of-type().

browser-monkey - Reliable DOM testing

  •    Javascript

Browser Monkey is a DOM assertion library. It helps you write framework agnostic browser tests that are reliable in the face of asynchronous behaviours like animations, AJAX and delayed rendering. It also helps you to write tests that exhibit the semantic meaning of the page, as opposed to a jumble of CSS selectors. Here is an example project that demonstrates how to use browser-monkey with Karma.

sqrape - Simple Query Scraping with CSS and Go Reflection

  •    Go

When scraping web content, one usually hopes that the content is laid out logically, and that proper or at least consistent web annotation exists. This means well-nested HTML, appropriate use of tags, descriptive CSS classes and unique CSS IDs. Ideally it also means that a given CSS selector will yield a consistent datatype, also. ..well that's Sqrape. In fact, see examples/tweetgrab.go for the above as a CLI tool.

node-css-selector-parser - Just a CSS selector parser.

  •    Javascript

Fast and low memory CSS selector parser. Parses CSS selector into object-model.

temme - 📄 Concise selector to extract JSON from HTML.

  •    TypeScript

如果你对 temme 还不熟悉,那么可以从 豆瓣电影的例子 开始。在线版本中也包含了一些其他较短的例子。比如这个例子从豆瓣电影页面中抓取了电影的基本信息和评分信息。这个例子从天猫的商品详情页面中抓取了评论列表,包括用户的基本信息,初次评价和追加评价, 以及晒的照片的链接.

cascadia - Go cascadia package command line CSS selector

  •    Go

Its output has two modes, none-block selection mode and block selection mode, depending on whether the --piece parameter is given on the command line or not. This all sounds rather complicated, but in practice it's quite simple. See the next section for details.

css-cheat-sheet - CSS Cheat Sheet - A reference for CSS goodness.


A quick go to guide for CSS goodness. Checkout the pretty version. If you have a bug to report about the pretty CSS Cheat Sheet or something to add onto the CSS Cheat Sheet follow the contribution guidelines.

node-rename-css-selectors - 📝 Rename css classes and id's in files

  •    Javascript

This module renames all CSS selectors in the given files. It will collect all selectors from the given CSS files. Do not worry about your selectors, rcs will do it for you. You can also use a config file with the combination of generateMapping and loadMapping, if you already had other projects with the same classes. So all your projects have the same minified selector names - always.