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pivottable - Open-source Javascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Chart, Cross-Tab) implementation with drag'n'drop

  •    CoffeeScript

PivotTable.js is a Javascript Pivot Table library with drag'n'drop functionality built on top of jQuery/jQueryUI and originally written in CoffeeScript by Nicolas Kruchten. It is available under an MIT license from CDNJS and NPM and Bower under the name pivottable. And on Packagist.org, it is nicolaskruchten/pivottable.

muze - Composable data visualisation library for web with a data-first approach now powered by WebAssembly

  •    Javascript

Muze is a free data visualization library for creating exploratory data visualizations (like Tableau) in browser, using WebAssembly. It uses a layered Grammar of Graphics (GoG) to create composable and interactive data visualization for web. It is ideal for use in visual analytics dashboards & applications to create highly performant, interactive, multi-dimensional, and composable visualizations. It uses a data-first approach to define the constructs and layers of the chart, automatically generates cross-chart interactivity, and allows you to over-ride any behavior or interaction on the chart.

LINQ Extensions Library

  •    CSharp

A library of LINQ extensions for statistical analysis, sequence generation and manipulation, pattern detection, pivot transformation and more.

tabex - Cross-tab message bus for browsers.

  •    Javascript

Cross-tab message bus for browsers.Fabric to create messaging interface. For single domain you don't need any options, and everything will be initialized automatically. For cross-domain communication you will have to create html file with router for iframe, loaded from shared domain.

tabtalk - Secure, encrypted cross-tab communication in the browser

  •    Javascript

Messages are sent by postMessage, allowing for cross-origin usage (with the use of custom config properties), and the data in the message is encrypted with krip under the hood. Creates a new TabTalk instance where the window it is executed in (itself) is the tab. The instance returned allows you to open children, and will automatically glean its parent if it was opened from another TabTalk instance.

broadcast-channel - :satellite: BroadcastChannel that works in New Browsers, Old Browsers, WebWorkers and NodeJs :satellite:

  •    Javascript

A BroadcastChannel allows simple communication between browsing contexts with the same origin or different NodeJs processes. This implementation works with old browsers, new browsers, WebWorkers and NodeJs. You can use it to send messages between multiple browser-tabs, iframes, WebWorkers and NodeJs-processes.

tab-emitter - :speech_balloon: An event emitter for same-origin tab communication

  •    Javascript

tab-emitter is a client-side javascript module that allows you to send events between browser tabs/windows. The sending/recieving web pages must have the same origin. You can not emit events between browsers, only between the same browser. tab-emitter is written to work with browserify, and is extremely easy to implement in your code.

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