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Croppie - A Javascript Image Cropper

  •    Javascript

First, thanks for contributing. This project is difficult to maintain with one person. Here's a "checklist" of things to remember when contributing to croppie. If you're looking for a simple server to load the demo page, I use https://github.com/tapio/live-server.

vue-croppie - Vue wrapper for croppie

  •    HTML

VueCroppie is a Vue 2 wrapper for Croppie a beautiful photo cropping tool for Javascript by foliotek. This sample below will produce this.

django-croppie - Django application for croppie.js integration

  •    Python

Django-croppie is an application for easy integration croppie.js image cropper to django projects. There is an example project in the example directory. Read README.md for deploy instructions.

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