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quantum-core - :watch: Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir. This README follows master, which may not be the currently published version. Here are the docs for the latest published version of Quantum.

cron-parser - Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions. It includes support for timezones and DST transitions. Supports mixed use of ranges and range increments (L, W and # characters are not supported currently). See tests for examples.

crontab - Go/Golang crontab ticker

  •    Go

This package provides crontab tickers to golang apps, supporting crontab-like syntax like * * * * * or */2 * * * * etc. If you are not faimiliar with crontab syntax you might be better off with other packages for scheduling tasks. But if you are familiar with Linux and crontab, this package might be right for you.

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