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scrapy-redis - Redis-based components for Scrapy.

  •    Python

Redis-based components for Scrapy. You can start multiple spider instances that share a single redis queue. Best suitable for broad multi-domain crawls.

scrapy-bhinneka-crawler - Scraping bhinneka.com, just for fun

  •    Python

This Crawler is for crawl an online shop Bhinneka. It will save the item name, link, categories and price in MySQL. At 19 January 2013, this script give me 14567 Items.

scrapy-blog-crawler - Crawl a blog url, and find all url from it, then save to mysql.

  •    Python

This Crawler is for crawl some Blog URL like that, and return some url that found on that url, then insert it into mysql.

marmot - 💐Marmot | Web Crawler/HTTP protocol Download Package 🐭

  •    Go

If you go get difficult, you can move those files under GOPATH in this project to your Golang env's GOPATH. HTTP Download Helper, Supports Many Features such as Cookie Persistence, HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 Proxy....

easy-scraping-tutorial - Simple but useful Python web scraping tutorial code.

  •    Jupyter

In these tutorials, we will learn to build some simple but useful scrapers from scratch. Get to know how we can read web page and select sections you need or even download files. If you understand Chinese, you are lucky! I made Chinese video + text tutorials for all of these contents. You can find it in 莫烦Python. Learning from code, I made two options for you.

FileSensor - Dynamic file detection tool based on crawler 基于爬虫的动态敏感文件探测工具

  •    Python

Scrapy framework Stable crawler and customizable HTTP requests. Custom 404 filter Use a regular expression to filter out user-defined 404 pages(which status code is 200).

RuiJi.Net - crawler framework, distributed crawler extractor

  •    CSharp

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. RuiJi.Net is a distributed crawl framework written in netcore.