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crawlable - Crawlable is a way to render your web application as a static web site

  •    Javascript

Crawlable could be your solution ! It is able to render your dynamic client side stuffs written with javascript, on the server side. By this way, it can give a static cached html to your client, before any javascript code started to be executed on the web page. You may say now, "ok, but what if I have cached some dynamic content which could be updated at every time !?".

jazeee-meteor-spiderable - Fork of Meteor Spiderable with longer timeout, caching, better server handling

  •    Javascript

This is a fork of the standard meteor spiderable package, with some merged code from ongoworks:spiderable package. Primarily, this lengthens the timeout to 30 seconds and size limit to 10MB. All results will be cached to Mongo collection, by default for 3 hours (180 minutes). This package will ignore all SSL error in favor of page fetching.