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  •    Objective-C

Couchbase Lite plugin for Telerik NativeScript

synctos - The Syncmaker. A tool to build comprehensive sync functions for Couchbase Sync Gateway.

  •    Javascript

Synctos: The Syncmaker. A utility to aid with the process of designing well-structured sync functions for Couchbase Sync Gateway. With this utility, you define all your JSON document types in a declarative JavaScript object format that eliminates much of the boilerplate normally required for sync functions with comprehensive validation of document contents and permissions. Not only is it invaluable in protecting the integrity of the documents that are stored in a Sync Gateway database, whenever a document fails validation, sync functions generated with synctos return specific, detailed error messages that make it easy for a client app developer to figure out exactly what went wrong. An included test fixture module also provides a simple framework to write unit tests for generated sync functions.