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infracost - Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in pull requests💰📉 Love your cloud bill!

  •    Go

Infracost shows cloud cost estimates for infrastructure-as-code projects such as Terraform. It helps DevOps, SRE and developers to quickly see a cost breakdown and compare different options upfront. Docker and Windows users see here.

aws-cost-report - Generate Sheets (Google, Excel and CSV) with useful information about your AWS spendings

  •    Python

Follow the instructions at https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/quickstart/python to setup credentials and API access. The tool is built to use AWS credentials stored in ~/.aws/credentials. If you set the profile to env, the tool will use environment variables you must supply instead.

trackit - Trackit helps you understand and improve your use of AWS

  •    Go

TrackIt is a tool to optimize your AWS cloud usage and spending. You can start using TrackIt by using the docker-compose.yml template available in this repository. It will pull Docker images from Docker Registry.

trackit-client - TrackIt WebUI repository

  •    Javascript

N.B. : If you are not running TrackIt on your local machine, you need to replace the URL of the API. N.B. : If you are not running TrackIt on your local machine, you need to replace the URL of the API.

trackit2-home - TrackIt helps you to optimize your AWS cloud

  •    Shell

This is a tool written in go to optimize your AWS usage and spending. This repository contains the deployment tools to run TrackIt easily on your own infrastructure.

awsdtc - AWS Data Transfer Cost Explorer

  •    Go

The AWS Data Transfer Cost Explorer tool analyzes the billed Data Transfer items in your AWS account and presents them visualized on a map. We have a continuous cost optimization case on AWS. Especially the Data Transfer tab on the Bills screen is quite long and it takes a long time to understand which areas are used more.

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